Inés Gómez Mont would maintain a rivalry with Galilea Montijo

An exchange of insults a few years ago would have conditioned their friendship (CAPTURE: Instagram / inesgomezmont)

The controversy around Inés Gómez Mont continues. Not only for the card issued by Interpol to search for crimes in 190 countries for the crimes of money laundering and tax fraud, also for the decrease in the support that his friends and followers have shown in recent weeks.

Since the accusation against her and that of her husband Víctor Manuel Álvarez Puga arose, one of the people closest to the driver was Galilea Montijo, who was in close contact with her friend, in addition to always reacting and commenting on her posts on Instagram.

However, in his last post, the presence of the presenter of Today it is null, as it also disappeared from the map a few days ago. He was absent from the program where he was the star and, although he did not abandon his social networks, some versions would point out that he would be thinking of leaving the country.

According to some specialists in the world of Mexican entertainment, Montijo would have feigned a serious illness so as not to be persecuted for his relationship with Gómez Mont, as he would be afraid of going to jail due to his financial relationship.

His possible destination would be the United States and to get to that country he would have asked to be absent from Today and from Mexico with the aim of have some studies done for your bad, because in national territory they have not given a solution.

Maryfer Centeno analyzed this photograph of both (Photo: Instagram / @ inesgomezmont)
Maryfer Centeno analyzed this photograph of both (Photo: Instagram / @ inesgomezmont)

This situation would be the main reason why she would have a rivalry with her “best friend”, although these frictions would already come for some years due to the similarity of their lives.

The renowned graphologist Maryfer Centeno published a video on her YouTube channel where she analyzed the friendship between Montijo and Gómez Monto. Among his revelations he remarked that both, despite the friendship they proclaim in public, would maintain an old rivalry.

During the footage, he shows the photograph with which Galilea congratulated Inés on her past birthday. In it, both are tightly embraced, although Gómez Mont stares at the camera with a smile, while Montijo places his chin and lips on her cheek.

Such an attitude, which would show an interest in hiding any feelings other than friendship, would have revealed the enmity of the two. The reasons, Centeno said, would be the similarities in their lives, facts that people commonly face.

Inés Gómez Mont is wanted in 190 countries due to the file issued by Interpol
Inés Gómez Mont is wanted in 190 countries due to the file issued by Interpol

“It is normal for there to be a rivalry between two friends and especially between two friends who are dedicated to the same thing, and who have children of similar ages. Then, When someone says that there is a rivalry between Galilea Montijo and Inés Gómez Mont, it is likely that this is the case., but it is not that they are the only ones. They can be very friends and at the same time there is a rivalry, it is normal, it is part of human nature ”, highlighted the graphologist.

According to Maryfer, the body language in the snapshot revealed more details of their friction, since Galilea is “on top”, with her hands and head on the body of the former sports host, who is smiling and looking at the camera. “Even in the hug, you see a loving hug, but you also see one on top of the other”, He remarked.

It should be remembered that the beginning of their friendship was hard, because in 2008, when Montijo would have spoken ill of Pedro Sola, recommending “Go to knit a little jacket” and saying “Doña”, Gómez Mont answered him and sent a strong message: “Galilea Montijo what he most wants in this world is to get married. Everyone gives her a ring and everyone sends her to fly. Have you not noticed? Everybody”.

Perhaps these quarrels were not completely closed, because although social networks have shown that the comments made at that time now do not matter in their relationship and remain in the past, their unconscious attitudes would reveal their true feelings.


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Inés Gómez Mont would maintain a rivalry with Galilea Montijo