Iran Castillo boasts how much her belly has grown and even gives advice for childbirth

Singer Iran Castle is getting closer to meeting her baby every day, so her photographs are already circulating on social networks showing how much she her tummy has grown and until day tips for childbirth.

Iran Castle Finch a few months ago he shared his commitment to marriage with Pepe Ramos, while announcing that he was expecting a baby from him, all were congratulations and positive comments for the Mexican actress.

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“And here the baby growing” is the loving phrase of Iran Castle that accompanies one of his recent photos in Instagram, in which you can see the native of Veacruz wearing a ivory sweater and showing off her big belly.

There has been no lack of good wishes from fellow actors such as Ludwika Palette, Mauricio Istalas, Grettell Valdez and many more celebrities who join the iran castle happiness who will become mother for the second time.

But in one more of his publications we can already see an Iran Castillo a little more worried about him delivery dayThis is how she reflects and shares how important it is for women to prepare for the big day.

Although the women who are mothers they may well refer that in the Baby’s birth, the mind betrays us and we start to forget everything, as well as the Mexican youtuber, Yuya, who explained that when Mar was born, everything she had learned simply passed her by.

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However, the actress in Mexican soap operas such as Pink Stilettos, Dreamy, Precious, High School Confidant, and Class 406 declare that it is very important to take the course Preparation for childbirth, to be well informed of all that it means to give birth.

Iran Castillo boasts how much her belly has grown and even gives advice on childbirth. Photo: Special

“Inform ourselves well to connect with all this magic that exists when giving birth and connecting as a family to receive the best that our baby can be” is part of the text written by Iran Castillo, who in 2021 has turned 44 years old.

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its couple, Pepe Ramos has also been very involved throughout the gestation process, this is how he shares it in his social networks and Iran Castillo also takes time to thank you for all your support “Thank you my dear for going hand in hand with me in this wonderful unique and unrepeatable adventure that we are living. I love you.”

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Iran Castillo boasts how much her belly has grown and even gives advice for childbirth