Iran Castillo revealed how she found out about her pregnancy and what it feels like to be a mom after 40

On September 26, 2021, Iran Castillo shared with his followers the great news of his engagement and pregnancy with the influencer Pepe Ramos, with whom he made his relationship official on March 13, 2021.

In the long text of her ad, the protagonist of SOS I’m Falling In Love, mainly delved into how grateful she was for all these new adventures that she was about to undertake together with Ramos and her daughter Irka Castillo, who turned 10 on October 29, 2021.

A month after announcing her pregnancy, the actress opened up a bit more about her pregnancy.

Baby and wedding on the way: Iran Castillo receives engagement ring and confirms that she will be a mother

Iran Castillo spoke about her pregnancy

Ten years after experiencing her first pregnancy, Iran Castillo ventured into a new pregnancy process that will take her back to be a mother in 2022, to her next 45 years (the actress will turn 45 on January 4, 2022).

This pregnancy was a total surprise for Castillo, as explained in a recent interview, in which she also referred to her baby as “boy” and “son” but at no time did she specify whether she is really expecting a boy.

The truth is that I didn’t even know I was pregnant. It was a surprise for me and for the boy’s father.

How Iran Castillo knew she was pregnant

Iran Castillo did not immediately know that she was pregnant. The actress explained that she began to feel bad, which led her to undergo “various examinations and medical check-ups.”

At first, these tests did not yield any diagnosis that would explain why she was so unwell. However, she was “suddenly” told that she was expecting a baby.

Iran Castillo is “very happy and excited” about her pregnancy

Although the pregnancy took her by surprise, Iran is currently “very happy and excited” for the baby that is developing in her womb.

His emotion also translates into the actions he takes every day. The actress explained that she prepares daily to receive her baby. However, it did not detail what actions it is taking in this preparation.

I prepare myself every day to receive this baby in my arms at the right moment.

Like her, her daughter Irka is very excited about the arrival of the new baby in the family. Her 10-year-old girl is counting down the days so she can see her little brother’s face.

Irka is very happy, happy and impatient. He already wants it to be born.

How Iran Castillo feels about her pregnancy at 44

All pregnancies after the age of 35 are considered high risk, according to the US Department of Health. However, Iran warned that so far her experience with her 44-year-old pregnancy has been “very fatherly and calm.”

Castillo explained that he has had some cravings and some discomforts but nothing serious or out of the ordinary. In addition, they have not been an impediment for me to continue recording the soap opera SOS I’m falling in love.

In fact, working on set pregnant has been a great experience in which Iran has felt very pampered and protected by her co-workers.

The whole team is super cute with me. They take great care of me. I feel very protected, pampered by all the people who surround me every day and make me feel safe.

Despite already knowing the sex of the baby, Iran Castillo explained that he has not yet bought anything for his baby. The actress wants to wait to finish the SOS recordings I’m falling in love so she can dedicate herself fully to “all the preparations for the birth.”

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Iran Castillo revealed how she found out about her pregnancy and what it feels like to be a mom after 40