Iran Castillo talks about the problems she had getting pregnant at 44

Although she is living one of the best stages of her life with a second pregnancy, iran castle did not have a very good time when she found out she was going to be a mom againbecause he confessed that you were led to believe that your baby would be born with some health problems; However, after undergoing a series of tests, he confirmed that he is in perfect condition.

This is how the actress shared it a few days ago during a live broadcast with her Instagram followers, where, together with her partner, Pepe Ramosexplained the series of problems they had during the first months of pregnancy.

And it is that, according to the television star, it all started when his gynecologist informed him that they had detected abnormal situations in the studies that had been carried out shortly before, where A first diagnosis was that it was a high-risk pregnancy, since at that time she was 44 years old.

Faced with the first alert, Iran Castillo had to undergo new studies that yielded worrying results, which were confirmed with a phone call, causing an imminent alteration that made her go into shock and “start seeing everything in slow motion”, he explained.

“When the result of this fetal DNA comes out, the doctors want to talk to me, they call me on the phone. He began to tell me that my baby was ill, that he had a trisomy called 18. The most common is trisomy 21, which is Down syndrome, but in this diagnosis it was trisomy 18 called Edwards syndrome.“, he explained.

So even the doctor told her that it was necessary to perform an abortion, since it was very likely that the baby would not be achieved or would die shortly after birth, a situation that occurs with said syndrome.

“So, with this syndrome They say that the possibility of life of the fetus is unlikely because, normally, the baby dies inside, or is born and soon dies, or have very complicated living conditions,” he added.

The couple emphasized that it is very difficult to give this type of news to a pregnant woman in the way the doctor did, even so they agreed to have a new ultrasound performed in which once again everything looked in order, because according to they had consulted him,trisomy 18 is quite scandalous, it is something that is quite noticeable, but in the ultrasound everything was perfect“.

After looking for a genetics specialist who performed a new amniocentesis study and a long wait of two weeks, was how they managed to find out that her baby, who will be a boy, is in good health.

“Now if We were super happy when Dr. Edna told us that no, that she did not come with any trisomy, that the baby was fine, that he was healthy. So, we were able to start enjoying the pregnant more“, ended the actress who celebrated her 45th birthday on January 4.

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Iran Castillo talks about the problems she had getting pregnant at 44