Irina Baeva and Gabriel Soto’s wedding is cancelled: her father asks her to marry without him

Some days ago Irina Baeva revealed that she had to postpone her civil wedding with Gabriel Soto because his family could not travel from Russia to Mexico and now he says that his father made him a very peculiar request in this regard.

In a talk with the press, the actress commented that the man knows the sacrifice that would have to be made to be able to pay for the plane tickets for him and the rest of his loved ones, so he asked her to celebrate the link without him; however, she did not agree.

My dad was the first to tell me “Do the ceremony without me, without us”but I replied that it is not about the ceremony as such, but that the people I love the most are there and obviously I want you to join me on that special dayIrina said.

Likewise, the Russian pointed out that she spoke with Gabriel about her father’s request and the two agreed that they will wait the necessary time so that the whole family can be part of this long-awaited event.

Gabriel Soto wants a child and a religious wedding?

Gabriel Soto stars in Single with Daughters in his second week of broadcasts in the United States and, according to his role, shares all the experiences that he has lived in real life with his daughters and that he was able to play as a father in the series. The actor, who very soon promises to marry Irina Baeva, talks about the wedding and admits that he would like to have a man with his partner.

“My daughters always accompany me to the calls when they are with me and they became very close friends with both, well with Azul, Azul is a little older, but above all with Ana and Charlotte (the daughters of her character in the soap opera)” .

The actor had the opportunity to use his experience as a father on stage.

“Yes, there are things and circumstances that I had to interpret through ‘Nico’ that Gabriel as a person came across at some point. How to do Tik Tok, what if the problem is at school, what if he wants to go to the mall to see the children, or friends.

“The other day we went on a trip and Miranda, my daughter, said to me ‘can you help me pack?’, and I, ‘yes’. And I start to grab clothes and tell her ‘what is this daughter? And this where she puts herself?’. Girls’ clothes are completely different from boys’. Obviously, if I had a child it would be different.”

Would you like to have a child with Irina?
Well, yes, look, the truth is that now whatever it is, whatever God gives us, gives us, would be incredible. Yes, maybe having a boy would be cool because I already have my two daughters, my two treasures, but well, if she’s a girl too, now she can do anything, but yes, I would like to.

Already this year you marry Irina, will it be a civil or religious wedding?
It will be on the beach and it will be a wedding with a blessing, yes, we even want to do it as a Russian-Mexican, but yes, there will be a blessing, there will be a father and a whole ceremony, yes.

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Irina Baeva and Gabriel Soto’s wedding is cancelled: her father asks her to marry without him