Iris Chacón mourns the death of Argentine actor Daniel Guerrero

The Puerto Rican star and actress, Iris Chacón, lamented the death of the Argentine actor and broadcaster, Daniel Guerrero, who died this Saturday at the age of 76, according to the Argentine Association of Actors, his ex-wife Zulma Faiad and their two daughters, Daniela and Eleonora Z. Guerrero.

The Argentine star had been in intensive care for days due to a pulmonary thromboembolism that was aggravated by a severe picture of COPD.

Daniel Guerrero had a fruitful period of acting work in Puerto Rico, in 1982, when he starred alongside Iris Chacón in the telenovela “Yo se que mentía” on Wapa Televisión.

“His departure causes me deep sadness because he was an excellent partner, he helped me a lot as an actor, because when the soap opera was being filmed I was doing my television show and traveling a lot.”

“My condolences to his entire family, to his colleagues and to the Argentine people, we join in his grief. Daniel Guerrero was one of the foreign actors who was very successful in Puerto Rico, working for our artistic class,” La Vedette de América sadly stated.

Chacón recalled anecdotes from the filming of the aforementioned telenovela whose theme was written by Pepe Luis Soto, and performed by Chacón.

“I have pleasant memories… part of the novel was filmed in New York, on one of the streets of the Bronx. Daniel was very well received, very excited people hugged him. I always felt calm with him, and with the entire work team. It was a successful novel.”

In the telenovela directed by Martín Clutet, well-known patio figures also shared starring roles, among them, Adamari López, who played the role of Iris and Daniel’s daughter, Camille Carrión, Angela Meyer, Amneris Morales and the late actor Miguel Ángel Suárez.

Daniel Guerrero’s television work as an actor includes titles such as: “Your world and mine”, “Forever friends”, “High comedy”, “Rosse”, “Pablo in our skin”, “The theater of Darío Víttori”, “I know he was lying”, “I want to shout your name”, “Face to face”, “This could be his story”, “The great lover”, “Marriages and something else”. As a host, he participated in “Good afternoon, much pleasure”, “Continuous Saturdays”, “Musical Saturdays”, “Matinee”, “Nuevediario”, “Hollywood in Spanish”, “Teleonce informs”, among other programs. In theater, he worked in the works “Aplausos”, “El andador”, “Mateo”, “It is more beautiful with love”, “Una Zulma y dos Adanes”, “A few legs with history”, “Marriage dinner”, ” Starfish”, “When Adam lost the leaf”, “An Italian night”, “Boyfriend for ten days”, “You are not Greta Garbo”, “My widower has a husband”, among others.

Iris Chacón has fond memories of when she worked with the actor.
Iris Chacón has fond memories of when she worked with the actor. (Supplied)

In cinema, he participated in “The joker”, “Brigade explosive against the Ninjas”, “The flower of the mafia”, “An elephant color illusion”, “Micaela, a magical film”.

As an actor, entertainer and broadcaster, he transcended the borders of Argentina, working in Uruguay, Paraguay, Venezuela, Mexico, Puerto Rico and the United States.

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Iris Chacón mourns the death of Argentine actor Daniel Guerrero