Is Kate Middleton behind the hate campaign against Meghan? What the networks say

We were talking to you a few days ago about how a report had revealed that Meghan Markle had been the victim of a hate campaign on social networks. Apparently, according to the analysis service of Bot Sentinel, the company in charge of the study, two-thirds of more than 114,000 tweets examined came from only 83 accounts that disseminated them in a coordinated manner. Many of them came in addition to bots, which in many cases receive a certain amount of money for launching these types of publications. Well, they have not been slow to appear hypotheses about who are responsible, with a name on the minds of many: Are you Kate middleton after this hate campaign against Meghan?

That is at least what the Meghan Markle followers, who have developed a whole theory based on various data that were known after publication. The first, in addition to the numerous tug of war that have already been experienced by both, that many of those accounts have been suspended. And among them there are some who did not hide their unconditional support for the Duchess of Cambridge. And how does Kate Middleton connect with these profiles? They could really be spontaneous initiatives of fans of Prince William’s wife, but the theorists on this topic are clear: I did not write the messages, but I knew perfectly well of their existence.

Meghan Markle and Kate Middleton, in a file image. (Reuters)

The explanation is simple. Those who defend this theory assure that Jason Knauf was responsible for many of these accounts. And we are not talking about just anyone. He was the communications director for Kensington Palace, the umbrella under which the Duke and Duchess of Cambridge worked before the departure of the latter from the Royal House. Later, he became the executive director of the Royal Foundation and is a person of absolute confidence of Prince William and Kate Middleton, which can even be considered his right hand.

It should also be remembered that Jason Knauf has been involved in two of the great controversies that have splashed Meghan Markle. On the one hand, the accusations of workplace harassment in the palace, specifically two workers, who reported the dubious behavior of the Duchess of Sussex. Always according to ‘The Times’, the tabloid that published the exclusive, Prince Harry asked him not to communicate it to Buckingham, interceding for his wife. Thus the question remained in a email exchange between Kensington’s then-communications secretary, Knauf himself, and Prince William’s personal secretary, Simon Case, without further transcending, at least until ‘The Times’ told the story.

Jason Knauf, during the Earthshot Prize. (Reuters)

The second issue in which Knauf has been involved was the Meghan Markle trial against Associated Limited Newspapers for publishing the handwritten letter he sent to his father. One of the points on which the defense was based was that the Duchess of Sussex he had asked Knauf himself for help to write it, so the copyright claim made no sense. But the director of the Royal Foundation acted as a witness in the last hearing that was held and, far from hurting the Duchess of Sussex with his statement, he favored her by ensuring that was not the author of the draft in electronic format that Meghan would later transcribe by hand. Hence, at least seeing everything from the outside, it cannot be assured that Jason Knauf has an obvious desire to destroy what was one of his ‘bosses’.

But the spirits have flared even more when seeing an image of Kate Middleton at COP26 in Glasgow next to Knauf himself. In it we see the Duchess of Cambridge, dressed in the spectacular blazer dress in blue Klein tone with whom he came. Next to her, Knauf, a glass of beer in hand and commenting on something that Kate seems to be very amused by, judging by his attitude, absolute trust towards him, as you can see.

Kate Middleton and Jason Kanut, at the COP26 reception. (Getty)

And another of the keys that convince those who support this theory that Kate Middleton is behind the hate campaign against Meghan Markle is that the closure of some of these accounts that generated the messages has been intentionally by the profile owner. Something very suspicious, for many, considering that Jason Knauf has the hours counted as a Cambridge worker, since a few months ago he announced his departure. Pure chance or cause-effect, it is not known. But the truth is that the followers of Meghan Markle are more than determined to hold her sister-in-law responsible for this hatred, who was also one of the reasons given by the Sussexes to explain their departure from the UK.

The only certain thing, for the moment and beyond theories, is the data that is there and that says that more than 70% of messages of hate that Meghan receives are generated by a few accounts that also do it in a coordinated way. Some data that led the CEO of the company that had developed the report, Christopher Bouzy, to say that this harassment campaign against the Duchess of Sussex It was nothing like the ones he and his team had seen before.

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Is Kate Middleton behind the hate campaign against Meghan? What the networks say