Is Polo Monarrez ready for a new reality show after EXATLON USA?

Polo Monarrez let himself win in exatlon?


Polo Monárrez of the famous team

Last 6th of Marchthe Sunday of the fight for permanence in Exathlon United States It was one particularly full of all the emotion and adrenaline that the so-called “fiercest competition on the planet” has accustomed us to. In this battle for permanence, several unprecedented events occurred this season, such as an elimination duel in which two members of Team Famosos faced each other, and Jaime Espinal and his injury caused Polo Monarrez to run. and then be eliminated.

Polo Monarrez: A story of overcoming Exatlon United States

Fans of Telemundo series and soap operas know very well who Polo Monarrez is. At 42 years old, the Mexican is an actor by profession, having had important roles in productions such as ‘El Señor de los Cielos’, La Suerte de Loli, and Betty En NY. He also did some projects with Televisa. These were La Vecina, Amorcito Corazón and I Love You, I Love You.

Like the actor Sebastián Caicedo did in the first season of Exatlon United States, Polo joined the sports reality show with the idea of ​​proving himself and boy did he succeed, not in vain his elimination caused so much controversy, especially later that it would have been speculated that, in effect, Monarrez I wanted to get out of the competition to focus on other projects, as he would have felt out of his element.

Is Polo Monarrez ready for a new reality show after EXATLON USA?

Let’s remember that, just as Exatlon Estados Unidos is today one of Telemundo’s most watched shows, there is another that has also recorded high ratings, at least in its first season. This was precisely another reality show, and it is ‘La Casa de los Famosos’, a reality show where 16 well-known celebrities in the Spanish-language media were confined to a house where, through weekly challenges, they were eliminated. until it was Miss Universe 1996, the Venezuelan actress Alicia Machado, who was the winner and received 200,000 dollars in cash for being the last celebrity to close the door of the controversial house.

In the first season of ‘La Casa de los Famosos’, one of the names was that of the “Cowboy” of Exatlon United States, Kelvin Noeh Rentería, a well-loved name in the competition that when leaving the Exatlon arenas, where He participated again in the fifth installment, joined the house where he eventually finished among the final four and almost won the prize.

Now with Polo Monarrez history may repeat itself and the actor will become part of the long-awaited second season of ‘La Casa de los Famosos’ where he would fit perfectly with the profile because he is not only a recognized figure in entertainment, but also now it is also in sports thanks to its excellent participation in Exatlon United States.

Although this has not yet been officially confirmed, we believe that Polo Monarrez would undoubtedly do a great job in ‘La Casa de los Famosos 2’.


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Is Polo Monarrez ready for a new reality show after EXATLON USA?