Is there Queen Elizabeth II for a while? A good sign of “unbreakable health”

Queen isabel II He would resume his agenda again after this Wednesday he would communicate by telephone with the Prime Minister, Boris Johnson.

Last Wednesday, February 23, an atmosphere of mystery gave way to various speculations about the health of “Queen Elizabeth II of the United Kingdomor”, this after learning that he would have canceled his commitments throughout this week, due to discomfort derived from the contagion, it transpired.

However, this Thursday, February 24, Queen isabel II He would resume one of his weekly audiences, with the high official, which would respond to a good sign regarding his state of health.

Queen Elizabeth II reappears after rumors of a health crisis. Photo: AFP

It should be remembered that the “mother of Prince Charles of Wales” He tested positive for the v!rus two days after meeting his first-born, whose second infection was recently confirmed.

Camila Parker’s husband, “Duchess of Cornwall” (who also tested positive for contagion) would have visited his mother, the 95-year-old “sovereign of the Commonwealth of Nations”, in the midst of celebrating her 70th anniversary as the “Queen of England“.

Although the “daughter of King George VI“, officially promoted on February 6, 1952, the Queen isabel IIdoes not celebrate on this date, but until the beginning of June.

Everything indicated that thegrandmother of Prince William and Harry“, would present some discomfort for what would have announced the cancellation of “virtual meetings”, which at one point alerted British officials and the general public. But the recent phone call with Johnson has calmed the concern.

A past statement from Buckingham Palace would have confirmed the result of the test carried out on “Your Majesty“, who was reported “displaying mild cold-like symptoms”, however the report reiterated “he would continue to perform ‘light duty’ at Windsor Castle for the next few days.

However, last Wednesday social networks, and particularly Twitter and Google, went crazy after learning that the leader of the “British Royal Family” would stop her activities, which led to speculation about her “relapse”.

The rumors increased after the agency authorized to give the bad news of the British royalty changed its background to black and white letters, which led to theories about the “grav3 state of health of the British monarch” and even came to conclude that “D-Day” would have arrived.

This is how the moment in which the “sovereign” leaves this world has been named, after notifying the prime minister, the “London Bridge” protocol would come into operation, which, among many complex details that have been revealed, stipulates a series of steps that must be followed to fire one of the most important members of “British royalty”.

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Is there Queen Elizabeth II for a while? A good sign of “unbreakable health”