Isabel II, Carlos, Kate and Guillermo say enough to the BBC and give it an ultimatum

In very few things have they agreed in recent times prince harry and prince william, but they have agreed on something. Every time it has been hinted that their respective communication teams and press offices they leaked information about the other to damage the image on the contrary, both have never hesitated to deny said information in unison.

The accusation that both sons of Lady Di and Prince Charles instructed the courtiers to defame each other in the media deeply affects the brothers, who did not hesitate to unite, despite their differences, to prevent this accusation from appearing, for example, in a documentary earlier this year .

Photo: Guillermo and Harry, discovering the statue of Diana. (PA)

The claims of Omid Scobie, the biographer of the Duke and Duchess of Sussex, that Prince William and his team had leaked a story about the mental health of the prince harry, were removed from the documentary ‘Harry And William: What Went Wrong?’, just hours before its prime-time broadcast on ITV in July.

Prince Harry with his brother William in a file image. (Getty)

It is clear that, in this sense, the brothers row in the same direction. However, now the BBC will not give them the option to defend themselves or deny this type of accusation. In the Palace they are furious that the Corporation has refused to allow anyone from the family or any of the press offices of Princes Harry and William to see a documentary, which is already prepared, before it is broadcast on BBC2 this Monday, November 22. It is believed that, once again, it will address the supposed information war between the brothers.

A real high-level source has told the Daily Mail that the documentary is only based on “gossip” and that although there have been a series of meetings between representatives of the Prince Guillermo and the Corporation, the BBC has refused to show the program to courtiers prior to broadcast. The source assures that this confrontation with the chain has left Isabel II very “annoying”. So much so that, in a very unusual move, the three highest-ranking royals (the Cambridge, the Cornwall and the queen) have joined together to complain to the Corporation, threatening it with a boycott of “the three homes” if it goes ahead with the program as planned.

Elizabeth II and Prince Charles in a file image. (Getty)

The film will be hosted by Amol Rajan, a self-proclaimed Republican who has described the Monarchy as “absurd.”

While the BBC has limited itself to ensuring that the documentary will raise a context of Harry and Guillermo’s relationship with the media, from the Palace they affirm that “there is a malaise about all this. All the homes of the royal family are united in thinking that this is not fair, since no one in the Palace has been able to see the programThey affirm that the royal family has the right to a public response before the documentary is broadcast if it finally hints at the information war between the two brothers.

Given this situation, it is very possible that, unless Monday’s documentary eliminates these accusations, Prince Charles, Camilla Parker, Prince William, Kate middleton and Elizabeth II have threatened withdraw cooperation for future BBC projects, such as interviews or documentaries. This decision would mark the end of a long relationship between the Royal Family and the British chain, which this year was in charge of projecting a tribute to the late Prince Philip and broadcasting Earthshot, a five-episode series on climate change that was hosted by Prince William.

Kate Middleton and Prince William in a file photo. (Getty)

In the advance publicity that has been made on the program, which will be broadcast on Monday, November 21 at 9:00 p.m., it is said that the years in which the Cambridge and the Sussex “have charted very different courses in their relationship with the media. “Mr. Rajan has conducted more than 80 hours of interviews, speaking with” journalists who were covering the story and then found themselves being a part of it. ”

The hour-long first episode covers the years after the The Queen’s Diamond Jubilee 2012 and the positive media reaction to the emergence of a new generation of Royals until Harry and Meghan’s marriage in 2018.

A BBC spokesperson said Saturday night that “the show is about how real journalism is made and features a variety of newspaper and television industry journalists. ”

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Isabel II, Carlos, Kate and Guillermo say enough to the BBC and give it an ultimatum