Isabel II reappears looking very good after her latest health problems

Elizabeth II has returned. Against all odds, the 95-year-old British sovereign received at a hearing held this Wednesday at Windsor Castle Nick Carter, chief of the Defense Staff. It is the first time she has been seen in public after on Sunday he had to be absent at the last moment of the acts in the Cenotaph in London on the occasion of Remembrance Day. Doctors recommended it skipping the appointment due to a back injury and since I would have to stand for a long time. However, it seems that he is already much better and has come to the meeting looking very good.

In this appearance, she wears a green, orange, and white floral dress with a pearl necklace. The military hearing took place in the Oak Room where the two shook hands while chatting. The monarch said she felt “quite sad” when she found out that the general was leaving office to which he replied that he had been “a long time”. This is the first reception he has attended in person since the summit with world leaders that took place on October 19 and attended by Bill Gates. He could not attend this Tuesday either to the National Assembly of the Church of England, the first time he is absent in his 69-year reign. It was her youngest son, Prince Edward, who read a speech on her behalf. “None of us can slow down the passage of time, and while we often focus on everything that has changed over the years, many things remain unchanged, including the Gospel of Christ and his teachings.”

After his last-minute absence on Remembrance Sunday, he was expected to go on dates virtually, as he has done on other occasions since last October 20 he will spend the night in the hospital, That is why it was so surprising to see her standing up. Given his advanced age, 95 years, it may take up to several months to recover from a sprained back, but it seems that the Queen is already much better and is able to endure without help and without having to sit down. In recent weeks, concern for the monarch has been increasing due to her longevity and her ailments and the fact that she has not participated in some unavoidable commitments on her agenda. The first engagement he canceled, much to his regret, was a trip to Northern Ireland. After Missed the Cop26 climate change summit in Glasgow.

– Elizabeth II cancels her reappearance at the last minute in the Armistice Day celebrations for health reasons

– The plans that Isabel II has not modified after her health problems

So far, the sovereign has not shown any signs of exhaustion, but some measures have already been taken. A) Yes, She will not attend any official event alone, she will be accompanied by a member of the Royal Family so that in case of indisposition it does not have to be canceled. Elizabeth II’s agenda is as varied as it is extensive and includes everything from tours of the United Kingdom, to hearings, to inaugurations. or endowments in which he has to wield his father’s heavy ceremonial sword, George VI, to name gentlemen. Some functions that require a lot of standing.

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Isabel II reappears looking very good after her latest health problems