It was not a relaxed Sunday for her fans, the Cuban actress accelerates their hearts

Livia Britowho will soon appear in the telenovela “No man’s wife“, left users mesmerized in a photo from the garden where she models a matching pink skirt with a white blouse while enjoying a “relaxing Sunday”.

The TV actress, Livia Britoappears from the garden in a photograph that he posted from his Instagram account where until today he would accumulate 7 million followers.

The next actress of “No man’s wife“, the new production that prepares Livia Brito in which he will give life to “Lucía Arizmendi” and will share credits with a great cast, he decided to spend a few moments relaxing, as he shared in the recent publication where he appears in a set of photos shared 15 hours ago.

Livia Brito, in a pink skirt and blouse, models from the garden. Photo: Capture Instagram

The remembered actress of “Triumph of Love“, Las Estrellas novel in which she made her debut as “Fernanda Sandoval” in 2010, appears from a garden with a coquettish short skirt that snatched more than a few sighs while modeling her silhouette, the “cuban” He accompanied the session with a message dedicated to his faithful “aLIVIAnados” as he calls his fans.

Relax Sunday babies…sometimes disconnecting is good for us; The mind calms down and the heart opens even more. Enjoy your Sunday #aLIVIAnados. @alo #liviabrito #sunday #chill #relax, describe “Livi” in the post.

The “instagram celebrity“and other platforms such as Tik Tok, Youtube and Twitter, she shows off her loose and stylized hair outdoors while enjoying nature on a black mat in which the engraved legend of @aloyoga can be seen, which also appears on a pair of white socks that Brito Pestana combined with her schoolgirl-style outfit.

The endearing “Yolanda Cadena” in “the pilot” (2017-2018), is shown sitting and standing, from where you can appreciate the slender and defined silhouette that she has achieved as a result of the hard training that she has even documented with her partner and personal trainer, Mariano Martínez.

Also in one of the photos, she was captured very well accompanied by one of her pets, a dog with fluffy brown hair.

The tender being, starred in a moment with the famous actress from other productions such as “Abyss of Passion“(2012) “Italian girl comes to get married” (2014-2015), “I love you I love you” (2013-2014), among many others.

The comments and reactions did not wait for the one born on July 21, 1986, Livia Brito Pestana, who was showered with praise and praise by her fans, added to several likes with 154, 035 and various quite affectionate emojis.

Beautiful, Precious Baby, The most beautiful, That’s right Livia, Sundays are to unplug from the work week and rest, greetings, You look beautiful, Beautiful, I love you my baby, Chiquita chula cosita bella.

It is read in the messages dedicated to the former presenter of “Dancing for a Dream“, who also resumed his film career a long time ago with a participation in the film “Unhappy forever”.

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It was not a relaxed Sunday for her fans, the Cuban actress accelerates their hearts