“It was not the life I deserved”: Mariana Ochoa said why she does not regret her infidelity

More than 10 years ago, Mariana Ochoa’s mother introduced her to Christian Ezkenazi, a painter who immediately won her heart. the singer of OV7.

In 2010, after living together for a year, Mariana and Christian got married and traveled to Thailand to enjoy their honeymoon. However, her trip was devastating for the singer, who returned to Mexico depressed and on her first outing with friends she decided to drown her sadness in alcohol.

This decision caused a slip: she kissed a man from her label, a moment that was photographed and disclosed in a show magazine.

At the time, Mariana Ochoa apologized for this action. However, almost 13 years after this event, the singer expressed that she does not really regret it.

The infidelity of Mariana Ochoa

Kissing a man who wasn’t her husband was the result of a night of drinking at her friend and OV7 colleague Erika Zaba’s birthday party. However, it was also the consequence of a deep sadness that invaded Mariana since her honeymoon, as the singer explained in a talk with Gustavo Adolfo Infante.

“It was not intentional, I just got married and I overindulged in drinks and ended up kissing the one who stood next to me who ended up being a person from the record company, but it could have been the valet parking guy who was going to give me the keys I really lost consciousness.”

This loss of consciousness caused Mariana to not remember what happened the next day, to the point that she even bet Ari Borovoy that nothing had happened with this man.

However, days later, the photos of their kiss emerged and Mariana not only lost her bet with Ari, but was also in the eye of the hurricane for her infidelity.

Although this moment happened on a night with a lot of alcohol, but it really had a deeper and sadder background due to a strong revelation that Mariana suffered on her honeymoon.

Mariana Ochoa explained why she does not regret her infidelity

During her trip to Thailand, Ochoa lived moments alone because her husband disappeared for hours. Christian argued that he was going to buy water or anything at the store, but this action, which might not take him long, made him disappear for hours.

Later, Mariana realized that the disappearances of her new husband were due to his addiction to drugs such as marijuana, stone and cocaine. Unfortunately, she only realized this on her honeymoon.

At no time did Mariana want to justify her infidelity with this painful situation that she was enduring behind closed doors in her marriage. However, the pain was such that one night of drinking, it got out of hand.

“I arrived extremely depressed and what did I do on my first outing, on Erika’s birthday? Well, take shots like there was no tomorrow, to forget about my sadness and that’s what happened.”

Although she suffered the consequences of this act, mainly due to public scrutiny, Mariana does not regret it.
When Gustavo asked her “do you regret having kissed a ‘wey’ who was not your husband?” The singer answered a resounding ‘No’ and took the opportunity to delve into why.

“Thanks to that I was able to realize his addictions and I was able to check them. I was able to go to therapy and realize that it was not the life I deserved.”

After her divorce from Christian, Mariana was single for a long time. At the end of 2018, after giving birth to her first daughter Valentina, she married her baby’s father, the politician Patricio de la Peña. Together with Patricio, Mariana lived in marriage from 2014 to 2018 and had another baby, Salvador.

In 2019, he made his relationship with businessman Mauricio Vaca public, with whom he maintains a courtship to this day.

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“It was not the life I deserved”: Mariana Ochoa said why she does not regret her infidelity