“It will help her dementia”: Alejandra Guzmán accidentally reveals her mother’s mental health problems Silvia Pinal

After being admitted to a hospital in mid-December due to health problems related to blood pressure, Silvia Pinal is finally recovering from the comfort of her home.

Added to this health problem, the renowned 90-year-old actress tested positive for covid-19 while he was inside the hospital in Mexico.

Fortunately, Silvia Pinal did not present any complications derived from the virus and her recovery occurred smoothly and regularly.

However, the followers of the iconic Mexican actress have shown their concern about the different health conditions that she has presented in recent years.

After spending Christmas in a hospital in Mexico City, the actress and theater producer was transferred to her residence to continue her recovery process and celebrate New Years accompanied by her family.

Alejandra Guzmán, the actress’s 90-year-old daughter, was in charge of communicating to the press the news about Silvia Pinal’s transfer to her home.

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During this interview, “The Queen of Hearts” accidentally confirmed the deterioration of her mother’s mental health derived from age-related dementia.

Speculation about Silvia Pinal’s mental health began in August 2018, when the legendary actress began to show symptoms of memory loss, a situation that worried her friends and family.

At that time, Silvia Pinal assured the media that she had not given permission or knew anything about the realization of her biographical series.

What caused confusion among the public was that the same actress had been in charge of giving the authorization for this bioseries to be made, as well as giving interviews and receiving the producer of the program at home to talk about the production.

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This confusing situation immediately raised people’s concern and started speculation about the deterioration of the actress’s mental health.

Silvia Pinal’s mental health issue resurfaced a few days ago after her daughter, Alejandra Guzmán, accidentally revealed the 90-year-old actress’s condition: dementia.

“La Guzmán”, as the 53-year-old singer is known in the world of music, held an interview with the media to talk about her mother’s state of health when she unconsciously confessed that the decision to send Silvia Pinal to her home to continue her recovery would also help her to treat her dementia.

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“We are going to be isolated for 10 days in which she can infect, we are very protected. We took her out of the hospital because it is dangerous to have her there, where she could catch something more dangerous and it was the doctor’s decision to bring her home, which gave her great joy and will help her with dementia, because sometimes she was alone in the hospital. hospital “, confessed the rocker in an interview.

These statements by Alejandra Guzmán confirmed what had been speculated for several years: the deterioration of Silvia Pinal’s mental health.

However, during her latest public appearances, the 90-year-old legendary actress has come across as lucid, calm and teasing.

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“It will help her dementia”: Alejandra Guzmán accidentally reveals her mother’s mental health problems Silvia Pinal