“It’s collagen”: Gaby Spanic recounted her experience dating a younger man

The actress said she was a professional (Photo: Instagram)
The actress said she was a professional (Photo: Instagram)

Gaby spanic broke the silence after his participation in The home of the famous. The actress was back in the public eye after confessing that on some occasion had an affair with a man younger than her.

It was in an interview with the magazine TV and novels where the artist, although she did not want to delve much into the subject, mentioned that these types of experiences were not alien to her.

“I’m not going to tell you much about my private life, but I lived it and it is divine, I enjoyed it until it lasted. It is collagen, energy, it made me feel powerful ”, she recounted for said medium.

In the same way, Spanic mentioned that she was not closed to repeating that experience again, since what people might think about her way of being overlapped.

Gaby Spanic assured that she was not closed to more experiences of this type (Photo: Instagram / @ gabyspanictv)
Gaby Spanic assured that she was not closed to more experiences of this type (Photo: Instagram / @ gabyspanictv)

I don’t care what people say because if you pay attention to everything they talk about, imagine … I prefer to move forward, live, improve myself and evolve rather than be aware of criticism, “he said.

In this sense, Spanic also added that outside of the spotlight she is a very funny, playful and professional person. In addition to having a wide passion for cooking and music. He considered himself as a person who is always ready to undertake new things.

“I think I never stop, I always have a million energy and I enjoy my life. I am a human being who does not like to put on makeup, who does not like to wear heels, I am very basic, “he said.

Regarding his character in the soap opera If they let us of Televisa, in which she will live a strong romance with a man much younger than her, the Venezuelan added that it was a good opportunity for her return to this television station.

“It is that men see as normal the fact that they are with a much younger woman, but that an older woman is with someone of 25 years is a reason for accusations, despite the fact that we are fighting for empowerment. AND It is not that I am a feminist, but that I am against machismo and it is very different”He highlighted.

It should be remembered that a while ago, while Gaby Spanic was in The home of the famous, confessed that a boyfriend broke her heart when he found him kissing with another man in his house.

Gaby Spanic was in reality "The House of the Famous" (Photo: Instagram / @gabyspanictv)
Gaby Spanic was in the reality show “La Casa de los Famosos” (Photo: Instagram / @gabyspanictv)

As narrated the protagonist of The UsurperThis happened a long time ago, but she still remembers the events clearly because of how much it marked her.

She would have been on recordings, so she had a very early call and it would last all day on the recording set. Her boyfriend, with whom she lived, was aware of the situation, so he told her that a friend would visit him to spend some time together, to which she only told him that it was fine, because she did not see any problem since it was the right thing to do. more normal.

That day the actor with whom he had to record his scenes did not attend, so he was able to return home early, but he did not say anything to his partner.

When he got home, he noticed that there was music at a very high volume, but he did not care, so he walked until found her boyfriend making out with the friend who had come to visit him. The people who were listening to the story were left with their mouths open.

“Me I was in shock. The only thing that went through my head was they have five minutes to do what they know they have to do. And I got on and they already left. Already never comeback”, He recounted.


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“It’s collagen”: Gaby Spanic recounted her experience dating a younger man