It’s in the numbers. Would there be a comeback between “Los Nodeli”?

Belinda and Christian Nodal confirmed their breakup recently and it is something that many already “saw coming”, an expert explains the answer in numbers about whether there would be a possibility of reconciliation between “The Nodeli“?

The singer Spanish-Mexican Belinda and Christian Nodal have occupied the first headlines, in the midst of various assumptions and theories, fans and followers have tried to get to the bottom of one of the most mediatic courtships today.

Although the news would not take many by surprise, the social networks were controversial that the “naturalized mexican“, and the “regional” were separated.

So a well-known show program was given the task of inviting an expert in numerology, who thoroughly explains whether or not Belinda Peregrín Schüll and Nodal could resume their relationship.

“Let’s give him the benefit of the doubt”

From the outset, the numerologist began by indicating that not everything has been said until now and before the great step that Belinda and Christian Nodal planned to give, a strong crisis would arise.

Before taking this step, there would be a very strong crisis, let’s give it a month, the benefit of the doubt, he said.

The expert warns that February is the month of thunder, so not only the relationship of “The Nodeli“was affected, the same will happen between several couples in the middle, so he also anticipates that not everything is said yet among the singers:” For them, March is the month in which everything is defined, “he said.

As for the “Belinda’s ex-fiancé“, Alejandro explained in “First Hand” that for Christian Nodal this year represents “stability”, so “commitment” is among his numbers,

This while showing some amounts derived from the dates of birth of the also “TV actressand the musician.

“Beware of acting out of spite”

Likewise, it also launches a strong warning to the “Sonoran” to whom he told to be wary of feelings of “spite” and or “making commitments to the wrong person,” he mentioned.

By deciphering the numbers of the “businesswoman” he hinted at the disposition to reconcile since he reiterates “it is too affected”.

This, because it shows, the last result “2”, means “low frequency sadness” for her, while Nodal has a 10 result, which means “start and end” “determining decision”, he noted.

It is not the first time that the “songwriter” and interpreter of “Bella treason”, “Boba nice girl”, “Ángel”, etc. and the “sonorense” have been accused of setting up alleged crises and in the end it turns out that everything was rumours, even many expressed their doubts from the beginning of this relationship.

Whether it is true or a strategy, the coin is still up in the air and many things could happen in a month, as the expert mentions.

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It’s in the numbers. Would there be a comeback between “Los Nodeli”?