“It’s something manipulated”: Diego Verdaguer and his position on the pandemic, was he anti-vaccines?

The death of Diego Verdaguer, caused by complications from covid-19, has made several network users remember the position that the Argentine and his wife had on the pandemic. While the singer believed that the virus had been created by “wicked minds”, Amanda Miguel showed her dissatisfaction with vaccines on several occasions, which suggested that neither of them was possibly inoculated. However, the representative agency of the famous confirmed to the media that he died vaccinated, but there is another version.

According to information from the presenter Juan Manuel Cortés presented in the morning newspaper Hoy, the interpreter of ‘Volveré’ lost his life inoculated: ” The office confirms that he did die vaccinated, died in his house next to his three treasures, his daughters and Amanda Miguel”.

Later, Claudia López Ibarra, the artist’s publicist, told the AP agency that “he was vaccinated… but the virus attacked him in the United States when there was the delta variant.

On the other hand, the journalist Tanya Charry shared another version in El Gordo y La Flaca, since she pointed out that the singer died in a hospital in Burbank, California, and had not been inoculated: “Death in this hospital that is behind my back Diego Verdaguer, he had been confined here for several weeks and at the end of the year he contracted the virus, which it complicated it was a thyroid problem that he had, besides that was not vaccinated“The Colombian told Lili Estefan.

Diego Verdaguer’s position in the face of the covid-19 pandemic

In October 2020, Diego offered an interview in which he presented his point of view regarding the start of the pandemic, making it clear that for him it was “something manipulated”.

“I think it’s something they’ve created the perverse minds, is something manipulated and we are in this game of living and in this world, we have to recognize that there are perverse people who want to manipulate us and that is a reality”, he told the program “Here with you”.

Is Amanda Miguel anti-vaccines?

Throughout the pandemic, the interpreter of ‘He lied to me’ has used social networks to show her position on the vaccine, which she does not trust, according to her messages.

On April 27, 2020, Amanda He wrote on Twitter that he did not accept the drug: “Perhaps ‘the vaccine’ is the famous covid! No thanks, nor the microchip, Not at all”.

In August 2021, he shared news and messages about the marches they did in France because they did not want them to impose a mandatory vaccination passport:
“Simply that is requested, whoever wants to hear it, whoever doesn’t, no, I think it is a human right“He said on the social network. “The people of several countries in Europe show that they do not agree with certain measures …”, he expressed in a second message.

Amanda has also shown the empathy he has with Eduardo Verástegui, who has expressed being anti-vaccine. In December, the Mexican tested positive for covid and after defeating the virus he posted a message on social networks, which he shared on his profile: “Dear family, it makes me very happy to be able to tell you that… I’m very well! I have overcome Covid ”, is part of what is read.

Despite the controversy, it is unknown if Amanda received any dose of the vaccine. But because of the stance they both shared, some users complain to the interpreter of ‘El gato y yo’ for her beliefs and they suggest that she apply the vaccine.

Let’s see if you change your mind and you publicly admit the mistake of believing that the vaccine is the virus, remedy your mistake with your experience so that other stupid people with the same idea change their minds and don’t lose a loved one. Mexico lost a big one and we mourn his departure,” wrote Sara Pérez.

However, the situation caused some to ask for respect for the situation: “Let down your accusatory judgments, there are many people who are also dying with all the vaccines. So respect their pain and their ideas!” User Leticia RuGu said. .

Diego Verdaguer died of complications from covid-19

Through a statement released on social networks, Amanda Miguel and her daughter Ana Victoria announced the death of the singer at the age of 70, which occurred on the afternoon of Thursday, January 27, in Los Angeles, California.

“With absolute sadness we regret to inform all his public and friends, that our dear Diego left his beautiful body today, to continue his path and creativity in another form of eternal life… The whole family is immersed in this pain, so we appreciate your understanding in these difficult times. Verdaguer Miguel family,” it reads.


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“It’s something manipulated”: Diego Verdaguer and his position on the pandemic, was he anti-vaccines?