“It’s time”: Sara Uribe spoke about the possibility of having a new boyfriend

Photo: Instagram @Sara_Uribe
Photo: Instagram @Sara_Uribe

Since the breakup you had with Freddy Guarin, father of her son Jacobo, little is known about the sentimental life of Sara Uribe, at least officially. However, as she herself confessed in recent hours through her social networks, this stage of singleness seems to be coming to an end.

It was through a dynamic of questions and answers carried out on Instagram, that the famous model communicated to her millions of followers on the platform that “It’s about time” to have a boyfriend.

“What do you think of having a boyfriend?”

This statement generated a wave of reactions among his community of fans, as many of them assure that it is a clear sign that he is already in love with someone; and although it is not clear who the man is who would have stolen her heart, it is known that he was very close to the Spanish footballer Edgar Mendez, which plays in the professional league of that country with Deportivo Alavés.

But this was not the only doubt that Sara Uribe cleared and that aroused a sensation among her followers, as she also let it be known that she does not deny the possibility of having intimate relationships with a man younger than her. In addition, he dared to show his feet for those who have fetishes with this part of the body.

On the other hand, the 31-year-old from Antioquia took the opportunity to give her opinion on various celebrities, such as the controversial Yina Calderón, whom she described as “a very hard-working woman.”

“She is a very hard-working girl and has always been very dear to me,” Uribe commented; While about the digital content creator known as Luisa Fernanda W, he added: “She is a super worker, driven forward, who has made her dreams come true through work and discipline.”

Among the other revelations that Sara Uribe made was whether a woman had proposed to have sex and the answer surprised several of her most curious fans.

“I was in a bar with some friends, so I was going to go to the bathroom and I was standing in line, when an old woman came up to me and said: ‘If you want, I’ll help you’ and I said no”, he asserted.

As the former participant of ‘Protagonistas de Nuestra Tele’ said, one of the questions she received the most was about the last time she had sex and, despite admitting that “it was not long ago”, the truth is that she He got a bit confused when answering and it wasn’t really clear. While the question of how often he usually goes to bed with his boyfriends, he did clear it in detail.

“How many times do you make delicious a week?”They asked him, to which he replied: “If I have a stable partner and he is the man of my life … come here, I won’t let him rest then!”

Finally, Sara Uribe affirmed that “to make love” it is good to liven up the moment with a bolero by Mark Anthony; while “to have sex” he recommended putting on a reggaeton song.

The reactions of her followers did not wait, of course, and due to the great popularity of the Paisa businesswoman, there were several social media pages that replicated her responses.


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“It’s time”: Sara Uribe spoke about the possibility of having a new boyfriend