Ivana Nadal’s visa was canceled in the United States and she exploded with fury in a leaked audio

An audio of his assistant recounting the situation facing the media was leaked

“By any chance do you know someone who works at the United States Embassy, ​​here in Argentina? Ivana (Nadal) had her visa cancelled, she received an email on Friday”, thus begins the audio sent by Ivana Nadal’s assistant asking for help and which was broadcast by the journalist Marina Calabró in MItre Radio (AM790).

According to what can be heard, he said: “It seems that someone reported, or we don’t know if it was just because of the media, that she was already living there and that she had sold everything here”.

“Yes, he is in the process of selling but everything is still in his name and yes, we have plans to go there but applying for the talent visa, all legal. And now this would be screwing us up a bit, everything we had planned to do in a month is truncated, ”confessed the assistant about the plans she had with Ivana. Likewise, he also affirms that no one answered the email again and that the model “would like to go, present herself, defend herself” before the United States Embassy.

Ivana, who during all this time had spoken out against the vaccine, had she resigned her convictions? It was the concept that hovered over the different comments on her social networks: “Did you have to get vaccinated or were you able to get away?” “I ask you again, how did you manage to travel without vaccinations?”, “Sorry, but isn’t she against vaccinations? And I’m not attacking… just asking.”

Faced with Nadal’s silence, many Internet users explained their own experience when entering the United States. And since the regulations changed, that country requires the complete vaccine schedule, in addition to the airline’s negative PCR. “There was no other choice but to go against his principles.” So much going against the system, spirituality, etc… and you put on a poison to be able to travel? That’s all that’s wrong.”. “Either the certificate was vaccinated or trout, it’s very clear,” his followers concluded, some satisfied with their surrender and others from disappointment.

Let us remember that Ivana Nadal during all this time had spoken out against the vaccine
Let us remember that Ivana Nadal during all this time had spoken out against the vaccine

Oblivious to all this, Ivana shared a video in her stories where she reported her next steps. “Here we are in our last hours, for now, in Miami. We return to Argentina for a few days and then we continue with this dream becoming a reality”, sentenced.

Since the coronavirus pandemic took the planet by storm, the model has gradually become one of its main questioners. With his Instagram account as a trench, he shared with his more than two and a half million followers different thoughts and reflections in which he minimized the effects of the coronavirus or equated them with other diseases.

Treat yourself well, give yourself love, do the same for the rest. And COVID-19 doesn’t touch you, friend. I promise you”, was one of his phrases with which he generated the first stir. “If they are telling you that COVID It affects your respiratory system, but they put a mask on you. Don’t you drown? Don’t you feel how you breathe hot air, how carbon dioxide goes around inside the chinstrap and you put it inside and take it out? It’s crazy!”, he wrote later, questioning the use of the mask.

He also called for rebellion -”You have to look for the revolution; it is your life or theirs” – and made clear his position against inoculation: “I trust my immune system more than any politician and vaccine in the world.” These phrases did not go unnoticed. They generated the approval of her followers, who took her as a kind of guru, and much criticism in public opinion and even some discussions in the media.


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Ivana Nadal’s visa was canceled in the United States and she exploded with fury in a leaked audio