Ivonne Montero could testify against Pascacio López: “You will have to face the reality of things”

So far the actor's version is unknown (credit: IG @pascaciolopez/@ivonnemonteroof)
So far the actor’s version is unknown (credit: IG @pascaciolopez/@ivonnemonteroof)

Yvonne Montero did not rule out the possibility of testifying against Pascacio Lopezhis ex-partner, after was linked to a trial for alleged acts of rape that he would have committed against Sarah Nichols. The actress recalled that she detected some red flags during her courtship that allowed her to end her relationship before suffering some kind of physical aggression and she sympathized with the victim.

During the afternoon of last Wednesday, March 22, it was reported that the Mexican interpreter was linked to the process after finding sufficient evidence against him and will continue its procedure in preventive detention as a precautionary measure when dealing with the crime of rape. The decision came after an arrest warrant was issued for the complaint filed by Sarah Nichols, who pointed to him as responsible.

Before the accusation that the actor is facing, Ivonne Montero was questioned about the possibility that he agree to testify in front of a judge and tell the experiences that she lived with who was her boyfriend approximately six years ago. With remarkable seriousness, the protagonist of The wolf He commented that he could do it as long as he has legal advice.

The actors were together between 2016 and 2017 (Photo: Instagram/@ivonnemonteroof)
The actors were together between 2016 and 2017 (Photo: Instagram/@ivonnemonteroof)

It could be, it would really have to be to get advice from someone, a lawyer who can tell me if it’s worth it or not worth it according to what happened. there would be no evidence more than when it came to light, when that situation was made known, ”he declared in front of the cameras of the program Today.

The actress clarified that there would be no evidence of their romance, but journalistic notes on the subject that came out at the time can be found. She also sympathized with the victim, she mentioned that due to her own background and experience with her ex-boyfriend, she finds it credible that any actor of violence was present in her alleged relationship.

“It is unfortunate what happened, not with him but with the people who were directly affected.. Sooner or later something like this had to happen and with what happened it will be up to him to face the reality of things”, he added.

The victim worked with Pascacio López during the first season of "neighbors war"(Photo: Instagram/@pascaciolopez)
The victim worked with Pascacio López during the first season of “War of Neighbors” (Photo: Instagram/@pascaciolopez)

In this way, the 47-year-old Mexican artist recalled that during her romance with Pascacio López she faced three situations that led her to end the relationship. Although she did not detail what happened, she commented that after each event she issued warnings to her then-partner trying to make him aware or that she seek professional help before separating definitively from her.

The first time I exposed him, I told him: ‘You have a problem’, the second time, and the third time the relationship ended. If I had continued, this type of violence would have increased… that a physical attack or some physical violence would have already occurred, but i didn’t allow it”, he added.

Ivonne Montero took advantage of the occasion to reflect on the importance of detecting certain attitudes as precedents of violent acts and invited all people who are in relationships to be attentive to any sign: “Women have to be very attentive to those red lights”.

The actors allegedly had a relationship. (Photo: @sarahnichols8/Instagram)
The actors allegedly had a relationship. (Photo: @sarahnichols8/Instagram)

Pascacio López is detained in Guadalajara, Jalisco, awaiting investigation. From this place, a hearing was held, the result of which was to link the actor to the process. Prior to the meeting, Sarah Nichols had a meeting with the media where she commented that she felt bad for remembering the episode that she lived through but at the same time she felt supported.

“Right now I’m feeling… I’m shaking… I’m nervous, everything shakes me inside because it’s like reliving everything again but I feel supported, sheltered and with great hope that justice will be done here in Jalisco, “he said.

Later, he turned to his Instagram account to share the progress in the complaint he filed against Pascacio López with his followers.


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Ivonne Montero could testify against Pascacio López: “You will have to face the reality of things”