Jacky Bracamontes responds to William Levy’s ex and says “I would never speak ill of a woman”

Jacky Bracamontes responds to William Levy’s ex and says “I would never speak ill of a woman, especially a mother”. The presenter, actress and model, broke the silence about the controversial statements of Elizabeth Gutierrez and made it clear that he did not regret what he recounted in his book.

With the sincerity that characterizes him, Jacky Bracamontes He took advantage of his arrival at a beauty event to talk about the controversy but without making the mess bigger and with a smile he put an end to the speculations, gossip and others.

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It was recently when Elizabeth Gutiérrez, former partner of William Levywas questioned about what Jacky Bracamontes wrote of the actor from “woman-fragranced coffee” in her book, to which Elizabeth pointed out that she never got pregnant to “tie up” the actor and that, furthermore, if the children were to tie up, she only had two while the actress of Sortilege I had more than two.

Many criticized that Jacqueline Bracamontes talk about your relationship with William Levy when both had a family, partner and children, others made fun of their daughters, but Jacky Bracamontes He was silent until the right moment.

Today, being approached by the media and questioned about her book, William Levy and Elizabeth Gutierrez, Jacky Bracamontes he pointed:

“Everything I said is in my book and I am clarifying it so that anyone who has doubts can read it…if there is someone who wants or wants me to speak ill of a woman, I would never do it, I have never made him speak ill of anyone except of a woman and much less of a mother…that is all I wanted to say…I am calm with what I have been, with what I am, a happy, proud mother with many goals and for me the most important thing now is to educate my girls”.

Jacky Bracamontes and her husband put an end to the controversy

Although the husband of Jacky Bracamontes he remained on the sidelines of the situation, at all times Martín Fuentes was in love with his family, dedicated to his wife and daughters. Today, Jacky stressed that they didn’t talk about it because they had more important things to do, like now that one of his girls was sick.

After more than a decade of marriage, Jacqueline Bracamontes and his husband Martin Fuentes They have become one of the most beloved couples in the entertainment and sports, always showing unconditional support for each other and proudly showing the family they have created alongside their five daughters.

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Jacky Bracamontes stressed that he had several professional projects on the horizon and that this was another of his current priorities, so his followers do not lose hope that he will return to soap operas, as in the time when he fell in love with stories like “fools don’t go to heaven“, “Love wounds”, “Sortilege” and “Ruby”.

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Jacky Bracamontes responds to William Levy’s ex and says “I would never speak ill of a woman”