Jada Pinkett Smith complains about her sex life with Will Smith and the actor’s fans are enraged

Jada Pinkett Smith complains about her sex life with Will Smith and the actor’s fans are enraged

Last year Jada pinkett smith was harshly criticized by fans of Will Smith, after publishing a talk that the couple had in Red Table Talk, where she confessed that in 2015, when they secretly separated (to avoid media attention), she had a relationship with the rapper August alsina. Despite the fact that it was something that the two agreed on, and not an infidelity, social networks turned against the actress, especially when commiserating with the watery eyes that Smith put in front of the cameras.

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Now the controversy surrounds the actress again, as Pinket Smith returned to talk about her problems with her husband, specifically intimacy problems. In a Red Table Talk next to Gwyneth paltrow, the wife of Will Smith she said in all her lyrics that he no longer satisfied her sexually when they had been married for a while (via Uproxx):

It’s difficult, what Will and I talk about a lot is the trip. We started on this at a very young age, you know, 22 years old. That’s why the responsibility part really hit me because I think you hope your partner knows [lo que necesitas]especially when it comes to sex. It’s like, ‘Well, if you love me, you should know. If you love me, you should read my mind. ‘ That’s a big mistake.

Private life is usually of great interest to fans of any celebrity, and few Hollywood stars manage the feat of keeping their private life truly private. Most are consumed by fame, and harassment from fans and journalists can severely affect a romantic relationship. We don’t know what Smith will feel after these comments are made public, but we do know how his fans responded, here are some examples:

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Will hanging out, chilling out all right and then here comes Jada.

Cashier: it will be $ 5 ma’am

Jada Pinkett Smith: I despise my husband Will with the burning passion of a thousand burning suns, he has a small penis, he is annoying, we cheat on each other, he is not Tupac, he is bad at sex and I did not like Hitch.

Jada when Will asks for a pinch of coochie [vagina].

Nobody :

Jada: ‘I wonder how I can embarrass this man this month’

Everything Jada has done in her marriage has been against her Will [juego de palabras porque will significa voluntad en inglés].

Jada Pinkett-Smith every two months [realmente no me agrada ese tipo]


Nobody at all

Not a soul:

Jada Pinkett, unprovoked: [Odio a mi esposo]

Will Smith: Please, Jada, don’t tell anyone about our business.

Jada Pinkett:

Will Smith every time Jada Pinkett Smith starts talking about her marriage.

Will and Jada need to go their separate ways. They have been married for 25 years. Your children have grown up. They had a good run. Now Will can go with Margot and Jada can go with 2Pac’s ghost and everyone can be happy.

Will Smith He is a much loved actor, as he has great charisma and has appeared in very popular works such as the comedy show The Prince of rap and the movies Two Rebel Cops (43%), Independence Day (60%), Men in Black (92%), and more recently, Suicide Squad (25%). His performance in King Richard (90%), released this year, is being praised by critics, but a rumor suggests that because it was not vaccinated against Covid-19, it could not be nominated for an Oscar for Best Actor, despite the fact that many consider it to be the best interpretation that he has given throughout his career.

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Jada Pinkett Smith complains about her sex life with Will Smith and the actor’s fans are enraged