Jada Pinkett’s condition for Will Smith to record romantic scenes in movies

Y They have become one of the most mediatic couples in recent months after the remembered ‘Prince of Rap’ starred in a controversial event during the last Oscars. After that, some curiosities of the couple regarding the actor’s work have been revealed, especially when he had to perform romantic scenes with other actresses. What does his wife think of this?

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An actor’s job consists of having to perform various scenes as the script of the different films commands, and he knows this very well. who has starred in several Hollywood productions.

Among some of the most famous films of There are “Alí”, “Six Degrees of Separation”, “Hidden Beauty”, “Men in Black”, “Two Rebel Policemen”, among others, which gave him great fame and popularity in different countries.

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Actor Will Smith has been away from the media after what happened with Chris Rock (Photo: EFE)
Actor Will Smith has been away from the media after what happened with Chris Rock (Photo: EFE)

On the sentimental level, He has been married for many years to his wife and partner with whom he has lived important moments of his career.

She has also given her opinion regarding the work that the actor has been doing and has been present when Smith I had to perform romantic scenes in movies.

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Jada Pinkett with her husband Will Smith (Photo: Valerie MACON / AFP)
Jada Pinkett with her husband Will Smith (Photo: Valerie MACON / AFP)


Many have wondered what the opinion of about the romantic scenes that her husband has had to perform, Will Smithin the different movies.

Given this, it was the actress Rosario Dawsonwho worked with the actor on the film “Seven souls”, the one that made this great revelation and has to do with the condition that Jade Pinkett would have put on Will Smith and that it would be nothing other than her being present when those scenes occur.

Rosario Dawson is a renowned American actress (Photo: AFP)
Rosario Dawson is a renowned American actress (Photo: AFP)

this said it Dawson in an interview that was done a few years ago, as highlighted by the portal . In that sense, the actress said that I was on the recording sets when they were going to make romantic scenes where there were kisses between her and Will Smith. All this, he adds, made the actor very nervous and tense.

“I wanted Jada to be on set. And she encouraged him, said ‘You really needed it! You don’t embarrass me’”he pointed out according to El Heraldo.

But that would not be the only film where they worked together Rosario Dawson Y Will Smiththen, they also joined the cast of “Men in Black II”. A similar event would have occurred there as well.

Continuing with his story, He said that while they were recording a scene for the film, she tried to reassure the actor and had his wife’s permission. Jada Pinkettto act in that kissing scene.

There was a lot of language. I mean, I got Jada’s permission. I got Jada’s permission!”said the actress.



The It is a disease of the immune system that is reflected in hair loss, both on the scalp and in other parts of the body, this can be temporary or permanent.

Alopecia occurs when the immune system destroys healthy pilot hair follicles. In most cases, this disorder occurs inherited and is activated by different factors such as age, trauma, pregnancy or other cases. Although it is more common in men, it also affects women.

In the case of It was the actress herself who in 2018 steeled herself to confess her condition on the Red Table Talk program.

It’s not easy to deal with, I’m struggling with hair loss problems. One day I was in the shower and suddenly I had whole strands of hair falling out in my hands.”, He confessed wearing a turban on his head.

After this, he has shared his fight against the disease on social networks, encouraging people to fight it. Likewise, by December 2021 she took off her turbans to send a message of strength.

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Despite the media eye, the relationship between Jaden, Willow and Trey with it is very close. After the incident with Chris Rock, the former tweeted a short but forceful message of support for his father. The truth is that, from before, the actor has taken his children on a path of mutual affection.

Although it was not always so. Treyfor example, was the typical rebellious son when Will divorced Sheree Zampino, the mother of the firstborn Smith. However, the differences were resolved between them, to the point that the young man gets along very well with his brothers. His profile, however, is different from that of his family: he prefers to keep a low profile.

while with willow and jaden, the situation is similar. With the second, the closeness has been so good to the point that they shared work on the famous movie “Looking for happiness” in 2006. The young man made an acting career by being in “The day the earth stood still” Y “The Karate Kid” of 2010.

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The film, which was released in 2004 and was about robots in a futuristic society, was one of the main works of that until now is remembered and broadcast on some television channels.

As expected for those times, the film was a success and obtained a large collection of money.

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One of the pillars for this film to obtain the desired results was the protagonist of this article, who before filming reached an agreement with the producer to receive a total of $28 millionaccording to the information published by the portal .

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Jada Pinkett’s condition for Will Smith to record romantic scenes in movies