Jaime Camil confessed how much it affected him to end up with Thalía and other secrets of his past

The actor debunked some myths and legends about his life and career with ‘El scorpión Dorado’, who is a famous character on the Internet for his acid humor and played by youtuber Alex Montiel.

In the interview published on December 7, 2021, Jaime Camil spoke about his different relationships with the women of the show and how much they affected him emotionally.

Luis Miguel and Jaime Camil: “it was a life cycle that ended”

In the video of almost 23 minutes, the youtuber touched on the subject regarding the friendship between Camil and ‘El sol’, specifically the rumors about their estrangement. There the actor described his relationship with Luis Miguel as “a life cycle that ended.”

It should be remembered that rumors pointed to the fracture in said friendship due to Sofia Vergara, because at the beginning of the nineties the Colombian actress dated the actor and a few weeks after their breakup she was caught in love with Luis Miguel.

Jaime Camil and Thalía, a youth romance

Regarding the girlfriends of the protagonist of ‘Por ella soy Eva’ (2012), another great revelation was his relationship with Thalía, because he accepted that the actress was the one who broke up with him.

The “teenage romance” lasted about a year and it was enough for Camil to keep a very good impression of Thalía. Even when he referred to her, he did so with many compliments:

Thalia is adored. I like him super well and the net is a very good mother ”.

Of course, despite the fact that Camil did not elaborate much on the details, he did admit that the separation hurt a lot:

“Of course [me dolió]. When you have a beautiful relationship and father and it ends with xoz, of course it hurts. Look, they are cycles of life that end ”.

It should be noted that both celebrities were in the early nineties, although they met much earlier because they attended the same high school.

However, the romance began when she put an end to her relationship with Alfredo Díaz Ordaz (son of former Mexican president Gustavo Díaz Ordaz).

In an interview with Pedro Sevcec, he said that Thalía was “a very calm person, she liked to talk a lot, bohemian plans. It was a very calm, beautiful, honest relationship.”

But it all ended in 1992, when she moved to Spain to host the ‘VIP Noche’ program.

Jaime Camil’s love history was not only Thalía

In addition to the protagonist of the trilogy ‘Las tres Marías’, Camil admitted that he had flirted for three days with Anahí. Of course, it only remained there, because according to his words “flirting does not even involve physical action.”

The actor also took the opportunity to clarify that he never had any relationship with Natalia Jimpenez, former member of La Quinta Estación and current Spanish soloist.

Regarding his reputation as a womanizer, Camil denied that he had more than one girlfriend at the same time.

“Yes, I was very young, I had many girlfriends, but always a lot of respect when I was with them.”

He is currently married to former model Heidi Balvanera, whom he met in 2004.

Even though their courtship experienced several ups and downs that caused them to end on more than one occasion, the deep love they felt helped them to return.

That was how in 2013, after 9 years together, they got married.

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Jaime Camil confessed how much it affected him to end up with Thalía and other secrets of his past