Jaqueline Andere does not ask JLo for anything and shows off her charms in mini shorts at 83

Jacqueline Andere He does not ask JLo for anything and shows off his charms in mini shorts at 83, it was his own daughter Chantal Andere who proudly showed how well preserved the great film and television actress is.

Although, after returning to television in 2021 with the telenovela “The Mexican and the blond” alongside Itatí Cantoral and Juan Soler added one more success to his career, for now Jacqueline Andere She enjoys a well-deserved rest and her followers do not stop applauding her talent and her beauty.

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A true legend of theater, cinema and television, Jacqueline Andere She is considered one of the most beloved Mexican actresses, a place that she has earned by wasting talent and beauty, something that she has not left behind in her maturity.

It was recently when Jacqueline Anderson reappeared on social networks through the profile of his daughter Chantal Andere, whom we currently see as the evil “Constanza” in “Mi fortuna es amarte” alongside David Zepeda and Susana González. Chantal has given details of how her mother has faced the pandemic and although she has been infected with the virus twice, the great Jaqueline Andere has remained healthy.

“…I am very impressed that at 83 years old she looks and looks so fantastic. She always hardworking, happy, supportive, an exceptional human being. She could write hours and hours of all her virtues. I really wanted to share with you this gem of a photo. Blessed genetics.” Chantal wrote in the image that received dozens of compliments, including those from celebrities such as Aracely Arámbula, Yuri and Patricia Manterola.

Jaqueline Andere criticizes the new actresses

It was in the 1960s that Jacqueline Andere He began his professional career in television and film. Although she soon became one of the great protagonists, the reality is that she started with small roles and recently did not hesitate to share her experience, drawing attention for criticizing the actresses of the new wave, where scandals and gossip were part of his fame.

Andere criticized that some of today’s celebrities got their leading roles because of the number of followers they had on social networks, leaving aside true talent.

“I think they should do the castings, as they are doing, and that is why they choose, not because they have 20 thousand followers, that seems absurd to me [..] If they are not actresses, what? We started from the bottom, I started as an extra, and later they gave me a piece of paper, with a line, of course, if not I would continue as an extra, ”the first actress mentioned in the interview.

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For now, fans of Chantal Andere and Jacqueline Andere They applaud the great relationship they have and celebrate seeing the first actress in such good health, ready for her next project.

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Jaqueline Andere does not ask JLo for anything and shows off her charms in mini shorts at 83