Javier Ceriani from Gossip No Like exposes Sergio Mayer: the police arrived and they say the actor hid in the kitchen

The most recent book by journalist Anabel Hernández, “Emma and the other narco ladies” it is generating commotion in the world of the spectacle. Especially in the lives of the celebrities who have been mentioned there, for having alleged links to drug trafficking. One of these is the Mexican actor, musician and deputy, Sergio Mayer, who starred in an exchange of words with the famous entertainment journalist, Javier Ceriani.

It all happened during the red carpet of the Composers Expo 2021 that took place here in the United States. Through Instagram, the Argentine revealed the altercation with Mayer. Gossip no like, His program, as expected, also viralized through Instagram and YouTube the confrontation of this pair.

In Gossip No Like, both Javier Ceriani and his partner and friend Elisa Beristain have been breaking down, little by little, some of the chapters of Anabel Hernández’s book, telling his audience who are the celebrities who, according to the aforementioned investigation, had active contact with alleged drug traffickers. And it is that just as the name of Mayer appears in the text, Galilea Montijo and Ninel Conde are also mentioned, among others.

Javier Ceriani wanted to talk with Sergio Mayer about all this, and the Argentine told him that he had never clarified what is mentioned in the book, his supposed link with “La Barbie.” In seconds they were interrupted by the actor’s fans. But the blond continued with his interview, and asked him how he felt in relation to what was published in the book “Emma and the other ladies of the narco”. Up to this point, despite Mayer’s refusal to respond, all was well. No one had insulted anyone.

Faced with the actor’s refusal, Javier Ceriani, microphone in hand, told his audience: “Well, Sergio Mayer running away from us. He does not want to show his face ”. Physically Javier Ceriani kept both his body and his hands away from Mayer, but the Argentine’s words reached the actor and singer, who did not hesitate to face him. “No, I’m giving it to you,” he told her forcefully. To which Javier replied: “Don’t run away.” Mayer told him: “Do not provoke me”.

Javier argued that as a public servant he was simply doing his job, while they: Sergio Mayer and his wife, were public figures -of entertainment- which is why, Ceriani told them, they had to face the media. In the midst of all this, Mayer’s wife, Issabela Camil, exchanged several words with Ceriani. Many of these cannot be heard on video. However, there was a moment when Javier defended himself against the actress, who apparently called him “garbage.”

Here the scandal returned, because Sergio heard that Javier Ceriani claimed that his wife had called him “garbage”, and he did not like this. “Be careful what you talk about my wife,” Mayer told him. “Don’t touch me,” Ceriani replied. And it is that at one point, within the video, you can see that there was physical contact between the Argentine and the actor.

Here is one of Javier Ceriani’s posts on Instagram exposing the situation he lived with Sergio Mayer.

Gossip No Like shared the video of his driver in which he begins the interview with Mayer, which concludes with the heated scandal.

On Instagram Javier Ceriani also shared another video in which some officers are seen arriving at the venue, and it is that apparently the driver of Gossip No Like denounced the behavior of the actor. In the publication, the Argentine points out that apparently Mayer hid from the officers in the kitchen of the place where the event was taking place.

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Javier Ceriani from Gossip No Like exposes Sergio Mayer: the police arrived and they say the actor hid in the kitchen