Jennifer Aniston poses in a navel at 52 and does not ask for anything at 30

Like a thirty-something, the gorgeous American actress, Jennifer Aniston, poses in the navel at 52 and does not ask for anything at 30. Wearing a spectacular figure and an unparalleled bearing, the beautiful Rachel green from the hit TV series Friends fell in love with its beauty that does not expire with the passing of the years.

And it is that, the ex-wife of the Hollywood heartthrob, Brad Pitt, Jennifer Aniston, has faithfully demonstrated that over the years she gets better and better, and that, although she is past 50, her discipline, correct diet, as well as her sense of fashion, elegance and class, have distinguished her as a of the most beautiful celebrities who stay super young, regardless of the passage of time.

Proof of this is his most recent appearance in the magazine Hollywood Reporter, where she posed as a true goddess in various outfits with which she highlighted her tiny waist, her flat abdomen, her competition legs and her unparalleled beauty.

The reason for the publication was because Jennifer Aniston She was chosen as one of the 100 most powerful women in entertainment of 2021, receiving an award for it, and dedicating an interview to her in the magazine, of which Jen said she was very proud and happy.

“Thank you Sherry Lansing, the Hollywood Reporter, and all the amazing women in film and television for inspiring me over the, who knows how many, years. This is my job? Blessed ”, the beautiful actress wrote in her publication, generating the reaction of more than 859 thousand 538 people, and thousands of comments praising her beauty and inspiring life.

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One of the outfits with which she posed was a formal suit that consists of wide trousers at the waist and a white bralette, which combined with a fresh and modern hat in an off-white tone, and various pieces of gold jewelry, both on her neck, as on your wrists.

Also, the protagonist of the series The Morning Show She posed in a flirty black jumpsuit and a translucent pleated skirt, which showed off her shapely legs, as she performed some ballet positions.

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Jennifer Aniston She also delighted her followers, wearing one of her favorite clothes, with which she has been distinguished throughout her career, the Little black dress, which, on this occasion, she wore barefoot, looking super flirtatious and jovial.

“You are perfect, you are the best. I am so proud ”,“ The definition of perfection was updated ”,“ Obsessed with this ”,“ Radiant ”,“ I am in love with this photo shoot ”,“ You are the most beautiful, my heart explodes with love ”,“ She has 52 years old, friends, and he is definitely better than me, who am 18 ”,“ Jen, you invented beauty ”, were some of the compliments.

And it is that, in addition to its eternal beauty, Jennifer Aniston She has been characterized by her great talent and professionalism, which have kept her away from scandals, always addressing her audience with a charm that makes her fall in love. Not for nothing did she become one of the most influential and powerful women of 2021 this year, according to the Hollywood Reporter.

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Jennifer Aniston poses in a navel at 52 and does not ask for anything at 30