Jennifer Aniston’s top-5 tricks to look radiant at 52

  • Jennifer Aniston, reveal what your wellness routine at 52 years old in a new interview.
  • To the star of ‘Friends‘he likes to follow a healthy diet Which incorporates collagen to their smoothies and his coffee.
  • Aniston shares other tricks like avoid social media in the morning and confesses what is your favorite exercise for a good workout.

    Jennifer Aniston it is an authentic icon of fashion, beauty and wellness world. Her followers always wonder how is the daily life of this 52-year-old womanwhat he eats (has sometimes talked about his attempts to follow the intermittent fasting), his workouts (we had heard some of his boxing routine) and about its products for the hair care in his own great way.

    In a recent interview with Shape, the star of ‘Friends‘revealed some secrets to take care of yourself and that we cannot take long to test on ourselves. Because, Who wouldn’t want to be like Jennifer Aniston?

    1-A healthy diet

    Although Jennifer Aniston was always aware that she was taking care of herself, she was not always as aware of how healthy she is as she is today.

    “My mother was a true health freak. Growing up, it was no fun coming to my house because all the food tasted like cardboard“Aniston explained to Shape.” When I moved in, my big rebellion was filling the fridge with food that had some flavor. I bought all the cereals that I had always wanted and other junk. At one point I started to feel like crap. I went to a nutritionist and realized that my mother had been doing us a favor. I promised to keep in mind what I was going to put into my body“he commented.

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    What is your biggest secret? Vital Peptides Collagen Proteins (has recently been named chief creative officer of the brand). The Friends actress has also been seen on her account on Instagram making creamy coffee drinks with collagen and has shared an rJennifer Aniston Chocolate Smoothie Pot which from now on could be something like our favorite smoothie.

    But it’s not all about protein shakes and avocados for the Friends star. balance is essential to a healthy diet and some flexibility is allowed to eat things for fun. “I do it occasionally. Mexican food and a good Cobb salad makes me happy“, he confessed.

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    2-The beginning of the day taking care of yourself

    While most of us start the day grabbing our phones to check messages and emails as soon as we turn off the alarm, Aniston makes an effort to start the day without a phone.

    “Every morning, I walk and feed the dogs. Afterward, I meditate, make coffee, and write a journal or thank you list. Only after all that do I go to the phone and allow all those emails, messages and all that business stuff to flood my brain.“he said in the interview.

    3-He makes sure that he is going to relax with happy things

    Even after you’ve allowed yourself to spend some time browsing social media, Jennifer Aniston knows it can affect her mental health, so try to go to other means to achieve happiness.

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    Social media and news can be really toxic. I spent too much time watching during the pandemic, begging to find something different, but nothing changed, “he says.

    Instead, listen to the podcast SmartLess, who shares history and experiences that sometimes lead to very funny conversations.

    “They are three friends of mine (I will introduce thems Jason Bateman, Sean Hayes and Will Arnett–And their chemistry is fantastic. I listened to them after The Morning Show, which had a lot of powerful material because they always put a smile on my face, “he said.

    4-Movement is a priority

    Whether it’s for general health or a mental break, Jennifer Aniston returns to her workouts and movements anytime you can. “If I have five minutes, I use them to move my body,” he says. “Jumping rope is killer training“, Add.

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    “When my coach, Leyon, whom I love more than my life, brought me a jump rope I said, ‘You’re crazy.’ I was scared and avoided jumping. But he kept telling me, ‘No, try to do it the right way.’ It was so irritating. But after six months my jumping became fluid. Now I can do it over and over again, “he reviewed.

    Jennifer Aniston isn’t the only star who loves skipping rope for a quick heart workout. Jennifer garner He has also shared on social media his love for the jump rope and Candace cameron He recently showed off his skipping rope on Instagram.

    5-The ultimate beauty routine

    The actress can show off her locks and we have noticed her care. Recently has launched the LoLavie line with which he usually publishes his experiences on his Instagram account. Also his former partner on Friends, Courteney Cox, has shared his love for the hair care line.

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    As for her glistening skin, it is known that use a rose water moisturizer which uses two ingredients for a low maintenance spray for most skin types.

    Do you want to know more about her skincare secrets? Jennifer Aniston turns to moisturizer to keep her skin hydrated and protected. She is known for using the Aveeno daily moisturizing lotion, Positively Radiant Aveeno moisturizer, and the sunscreen of the same brand.

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Jennifer Aniston’s top-5 tricks to look radiant at 52