Jennifer Gates congratulates her father with some nice words and a memory of their wedding

October is being intense and full of emotions for Jennifer gates. Two weeks ago he married the Olympic rider Nayel Nassar in a spectacular and millionaire link of which heto magazine HELLO! show the best images And now he has another important reason to toast: it is his father’s birthday. Bill Gates has blown out the candles and his eldest daughter has dedicated him some beautiful words full of affection and admiration. “Happy 66. I am grateful to learn from your example of endless curiosity, constant exploration, and a desire to help humanity.. I am excited to see what you learn in this new return to the sun “, has begun to say the first-born of the co-founder of Microsoft, What is it one of the richest men in the world.

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Jennifer has shared a meaningful photo to convey the best wishes to her father in his day. The Icahn Mount Sinai School Medical student, who is also a Stanford graduate in Human Biology, has chosen a beautiful snapshot taken on her wedding day. It shows her standing dressed as a bride in a custom-made design by Vera Wang while her father, who is seated, watches her. He does it with a huge smile and a look that reflects his great happiness. “Thank you for supporting our union and the day of our dreams. These memories will last a lifetime,” he has written referring to how important it was to have his father close in his double “yes, I do.”

Seeing his daughter’s congratulations, Bill Gates was delighted. “Thank you for the birthday wishes, Jenn. I am very lucky to be your father,” he replied. In addition, seeing this image for sure has brought back good memories since he had a prominent role during the link as he danced the song with his daughter Can you feel the love tonightby Elton John. The tycoon and his ex-wife, Melinda Gates, with whom they maintain a good relationship after get divorced last summer, they were at all times pending their first-born so that she would have the day she dreamed of by Nayel’s side after having to postpone it due to the health crisis. His wish was for the celebration to be perfect and the guests to have fun with the surprises they prepared at the bride’s estate, Evergate Stables, a 50-hectare ranch valued at 14 million euros located in the New York town of North Salem..


The happiness of Bill Gates for the important step of Jennifer

Both the religious ceremony celebrated by the Muslim rite and the civil union that hours later a friend of the family officiated came out as expected and the own Bill Gates said that it was “impossible for him to express in words how happy it makes me to see you full of joy on your wedding day”. In addition, he said he is very proud of his daughter and son-in-law “for all that you have achieved in life so far and all that you will do together in the future.” Jennifer and Nayel’s relationship began thanks to the common passion of the two for horse riding and it became official in 2017. Since then they have lived a beautiful love story that has now begun to write a new chapter as husband and wife.

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Jennifer Gates congratulates her father with some nice words and a memory of their wedding