Jennifer Lopez and her secret to lose weight quickly

the famous singer Jennifer Lopez has revealed his secret lose weight fast and burn more than 300 calories, something that many of his followers have undoubtedly been very grateful for.

The truth is that having an enviable silhouette is not at all an easy task and it is for this reason that we were inspired by a sport that Jennifer Lopez practices for tone up your body without losing the fun.

Also, the good news is that it will help you lose weight very fast by burning more than 300 calories.

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If pilates, zumba, running or practicing weights has bored you and you can no longer motivate yourself to move your body, we will introduce you to a high-impact game that will strengthen your arms and legs, so take note of this fitness secret that he recently gave to meet the ‘diva of the Bronx’.

Through their official social networks, some photographs of the interpreter from ‘On the floor’ holding a baseball bat and sharing a few pitches with his kids.

Apparently the routine that day was quite calm, since the famous makeup and hairstyle looked intact, but her position in the game was more than perfect.

The truth is that we are fascinated by the fact that the actress shares sports activities with her little ones, because she encourages them to return to good habits that motivate them to have a healthy quality of life.

In case you still did not know, practicing the sport of baseball has many benefits, which we will let you know below:

  • Your coordination will improve in no time.
  • It will combat stress by concentrating your mind on the dynamics of the game.
  • You will burn more than 300 calories, as if you did 30 minutes on a treadmill.
  • You will tone your body while having fun.
  • It will increase your strength and residence

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Jennifer Lopez and her secret to lose weight quickly