Jennifer López and other celebrities who found their ‘better half’ in 2021

Many of the most prominent stars had a very busy year not only in terms of work commitments, but also sentimental.

Some people always do better than others. That is why below we bring a list of the celebrities that were arrowed and began a love relationship in 2021.

Jennifer Lopez and Ben Affleck

Many say that the second parts are never good, however, this couple met again in 2021 and went public with their union.

The couple sparked dating rumors in July this year when they were spotted kissing while on vacation in Saint Tropez, France. This occurred months after JLo’s split with former baseball player Alex Rodríguez.

Ben and Jennifer resumed their relationship 17 years later of being boyfriends for the first time and being engaged, although they never said yes at the altar.

During the year they appeared together at more than one public event, such as the Venice Film Festival, and were captured on more than one occasion between hugs and kisses.

Jennifer Lopez

Ben Affleck and Jennifer Lopez on their arrival in Venice.

Daniella Álvarez and Daniel Arenas

In short, this 2021 was also a busy year for Daniella Alvarez. The ex-queen was not only one of the presenters in ‘El Desafío The Box’, but also made her relationship with the actor public Daniel Arenas.

According to Daniella in the podcast ‘Sin Rodeo’, by Jomari Goyso, the couple had known each other since 2012, however, they only maintained one friendship until this year they met at lunch and ‘Cupido did his thing’.

The couple is seen every time more in love. They usually share photos together, during their vacations or trips.

What a fortune it is to share each day with you from dawn to dusk. Love you“Daniella wrote to her partner a couple of weeks ago, in a post on her Instagram account.

Ester Exposito and Nicolás Furtado

The Uruguayan actor Nicolás Furtado and the Spanish actress Ester Exposito They surprised their fans with the news that they are a couple.

The rumors were confirmed by him, who shared at the beginning of December, in his stories on Instagram, a black and white photograph in which the silhouette of Ester hugging the actor is observed.

Both had already given some indications, since this was not the first time they published images in which they were seen together. The rumors had grown in recent weeks.

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Rosalía and Rauw Alejandro

The couple formed by Rosalía and Rauw Alejandro was another that sowed a lot of speculation before being confirmed.

On Instagram, the Puerto Rican artist shared some photographs, on September 25, of him with the Spanish singer, accompanied by a congratulatory message for Rosalía’s 28th birthday.

Even if the sun goes down, the day never ends with you. Happy Birthday Baby”He wrote at the time.

I’m in love, that is beautiful, love is beautiful. We are good, I am happy. Being in love helps you focus. When you have that person who adds you, I think it does you good, it makes you grow and continue to improve, “said the Puerto Rican more recently on a television program in his country,” La Nación says.

Olivia Wilde and Harry Styles

Olivia Wilde and Harry Styles ‘relationship surprised fans after the couple was caught’ very romantic ‘in Styles’ manager’s marriage.

It is known that the couple met on the recordings of ‘Don’t Worry Darling’, a psychological thriller in which Harry acted and of which Olivia was a director.

Despite the public’s attention, the couple has been very discreet with their relationship. Stiles has said that he always tries to “compartmentalize his personal life with his work.”

What is known is that both rely on their work projects. In September Olivia was seen at Harry’s concert in Las Vegas, enjoying the entire show.

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Andrea Valdiri and Felipe Saruma

The dancer and ‘influencer’ from Barranquilla Andrea Valdiri also had a very busy year in terms of love affairs. She first had a love break with Lowe León, with whom she was expecting a baby at the beginning of the year.

However, he was increasingly seen closer to the digital creator Felipe Saruma, with whom he shared photos and messages on a recurring basis.

And although neither of the two has confirmed a public courtship, his followers are sure that there is more than a friendship between the two. This has turned into something like ‘a secret with voices’.

I just want to thank you for all this wonderful time, because one day I sat down with you and told you about many of my dreams and tomorrow is a great day for me, thank you very much”Is the message that Valdiri dedicated to Sarima a few weeks ago.

Both are even known to be working on projects, which is why they travel frequently.

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Jennifer López and other celebrities who found their ‘better half’ in 2021