Jennifer Lopez and Sofía Vergara could be involved in a war without them wanting it

Griselda White will be the next Latin figure that Netflix will dedicate a series. The Colombian drug trafficker, also known “The Black Widow” Y pioneer in cocaine trafficking between the 1980s and 2000s in Miami after leading the Medellín cartel, will be interpreted by Sofia Vergara in a six-episode fiction titled Griselda which will be directed by the showrunner of narcs Eric Newmann. The project had been in development for eight years with the production company Latin World Entertainment at the helm, and it is finally beginning to see the light of day.

In order to prepare its launch, the streaming company has already let us see a first look at Vergara with a first image, however, the delays that the series has suffered have made it arrive when another project about Griselda Blanco is close to reaching our screens. And we are not talking about any production that is going to pass unnoticed by the eyes of the spectators, but one that will star a star of the stature of Jennifer Lopez.

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Many details of the project have not yet come out, but it will be a film also focused on this drug trafficker under the production of STX Entertaiment, those responsible for Wall Street Scammers for which Lopez was nominated for a Golden Globe and sounded too loud to aspire to an Oscar. And everything indicates that the singer and actress will go all out again to get a precious statuette of the Hollywood Academy, especially considering that she herself is very involved in the production and even came to consider directing it.

In addition, the film, which will bear the title of The Grandmother, will also have first level names What Terence Winter, screenwriter and producer responsible for titles as acclaimed as The Sopranos, Boardwalk Empire or The wolf of Wall Street; or the director Reed Morano, who has been in charge of directing several episodes of series such as The Handmaid’s Tale.

Undoubtedly, both the project Netflix with Sofía Vergara as the one prepared by Jennifer Lopez they aim high, which anticipates a battle between these two Latin stars in order to achieve the best interpretation of Griselda Blanco. It is going to be inevitable that both the public and the media will focus on who of the two gets better into the role of the drug trafficker, and they themselves will have to prevent that comparison from affecting their respective careers in prizes.

Jennifer López (Photo: Steve Granitz/FilmMagic/Getty Images) and Sofía Vergara (Photo: NBC Universal Media/Getty Images)

Jennifer Lopez (Photo: Steve Granitz/FilmMagic/Getty Images) and Sofia Vergara (Photo: NBC Universal Media/Getty Images)

Still The release dates of both projects are unknown. For the moment, just Griselda from Netflix is scheduled to arrive on our screens this 2022, while the tape with Jennifer Lopez is still in production waiting for the artist to finish recording other projects such as The Mother by Niki Caro together with Gael García Bernal.

This makes us anticipate that the singer’s film would take a little longer to arrive, possibly in 2023, but in any case, if Vergara offers a performance to match, at the moment in which The Godmother With Jennifer Lopez arriving in theaters, the reference will continue to be there to be able to make the comparison and decide who offers the best characterization of the drug trafficker. And this can play very much in favor or against each one of them, which can be seen in a battle without having looked for it.

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Jennifer Lopez and Sofía Vergara could be involved in a war without them wanting it