Jennifer Lopez: Ben Affleck gave her the most tender and melancholy gift

A few days ago we lived Valentine’s Day and celebrities did not escape from starring in some of the most romantic news, or the most scandalous as was the case of Kim Kardashian and Kanye West. But for Jennifer Lopez the thing is already very different from the previous months, and the love between her and Ben Affleck It is on the rise and remains in the public eye.

It was revealed that the hollywood couple of the moment celebrated on February 14 two days before this romantic date. The most moving fact about the celebration of J.Lo and Ben Affleck’s Valentine It is the gift that the actor gave to his famous girlfriend, and not precisely because it was the most expensive, but because of its great load of tenderness. It is said that Jennifer Lopez was melted.

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The detail consisted of an emotional video that the interpreter of Batman prepared to give to Jennifer Lopez, in which he integrated the best moments that they have lived as a couple in recent months. ‘bennifer‘ are back and much more recharged than during the period 2002 to 2004, when they were also one of the most popular couples.

What is striking now is the stability and joy that these two boast, since several did not bet much on this “overheated” relationship. But against all odds, Jennifer and Ben’s love is succeeding and it seems that each one is finally in the place that she needed. She was the same protagonist of ‘marry me‘ who shared her Valentine’s Day gift on her new website.

This is the news portal of Jennifer Lopez called ‘onthejlo‘, in which the New York singer and actress makes the freshest news about her career available to her followers and the media. This project starts him off with the most romantic gift she’s ever been given: her first newsletter contains the video Ben made for her.

The audiovisual material was accompanied by a message full of emotions written by the interpreter of ‘On the floor’: “I am going to share something very special and personal with you that I would normally only share with my closest circle.” In message from J.Lo continues: “It’s an early Valentine’s Day present from Ben.”

In his words, the current Ben Affleck’s partner expresses the emotions that the detail of her partner caused her; she brought him the certainty of what true love represents and needs in order to last forever, the turns it can take and what can be achieved with a true commitment. The 4-minute video managed to melt the heart of the Bronx Diva.

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The song that appears in the material is one of the most recent performed by Jennifer, ‘On My Way‘ belonging to the soundtrack of the film ‘Marry Me’. It is a soft and romantic ballad that tells the story of two people who are destined to be together. The melody was accompanied by a series of photographs and short videos of the lives of both, from their childhoods, youth, to the time they have shared as a couple during the last year.

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Jennifer Lopez: Ben Affleck gave her the most tender and melancholy gift