Jennifer Lopez impersonator in ‘My name is’ denounced that businessman asked her for sexual favors before entering the program

Taken from Canal Caracol live
Taken from Canal Caracol live

One of the contestants ‘My name is’ who not only stood out for her talent, but also for her beauty, was the imitator of Jennifer Lopez. The participant, despite conquering the juries with her great performance of the North American artist, did not get enough income to continue in competition; however, she went as far as stunt doubles for Bad Bunny or Elvis Presley.

After his departure, ‘JLo’ continues to reap fruits in his artistic career; however, not everything has been joy for her. She has also gone through difficult and even embarrassing moments and she made it known in dialogue with the program ‘La red’, where he narrated a situation of harassment that very few knew.

In principle, the imitator said that she had a businessman friend (and whose name is unknown, because he did not reveal it) of artists, and he always told her that he believed in her talent as an urban artist; At the same time, she told him about a woman who organized concerts with renowned urban artists, so that she always wanted to meet her and contemplate the possibility of catapulting her career as a singer.

One day, that same businessman called her and said that she could finally meet the woman she had talked about so much, and at the meeting, that person told ‘JLo’ that she saw a lot of potential in her, not only in his voice, but to dominate the stage with the dances he performed. It is worth mentioning that she, prior to that meeting, had seen several videos of the singer, which is why she was interested in meeting her.

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That woman told the reggaeton artist that she was going to help her, but that she needed an investment of 500 million Colombian pesos, money that the businessman in question wanted to donate. “While she showed me the work plan, I said ‘where am I going to get that money?’ Because I’m from a normal family (…) I didn’t have a millionaire”, expressed the singer in the entertainment program.

Immediately afterwards, he reported that after the meeting ended, his friend suggested he go to his house: they both got into his truck, and in the middle of the trip, he directed his hand towards the imitator’s leg. Afterwards, he told her: “I am going to behave well with you and you are going to behave well with me, do not worry about that money that you know I have. Your boyfriend is not going to find out anything, everything is going to happen here between us”.

In that sense, he also offered to be her companion on business trips in exchange for economic stability. Given this, the singer also reiterated that the guy in question does not like him physically; In addition, both have been friends for many years. After that awkward moment, she rejected her offer and he told her that consequently she would take away contacts and events that would make her grow as an artist.

He also denounced that the persecution has gone further, because sometimes he sends private messages to his social networks and leaves comments on his photos. Faced with this situation, the presenters of the program insisted that she give the name of the businessman, but she refused.

“I don’t want to because he is also a person who gives work to several of my friends,” justified Angie Lorena, first name of the artist. Finally, the interview continued talking about her success in ‘Yo me llamo’.


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Jennifer Lopez impersonator in ‘My name is’ denounced that businessman asked her for sexual favors before entering the program