Jessi Uribe’s daughter was honest with Paola Jara and made her opinion clear about dating her father

Photo: Instagram @jessiuribe3
Photo: Instagram @jessiuribe3

Jessica Uribe is one of the Colombian singers with the greatest recognition today, among other things, because his songs accumulate millions of reproductions on digital platforms and his intimate life is of great interest to thousands of people, who were surprised with some recent publications he made on social networks Luna Isabel, the eldest of her four children.

Everything happened in the middle of a dynamic of questions and answers that the 12-year-old minor carried out on her Instagram account in which several Internet users wanted to bother her with criticism and questions about the relationship that her father has had for more than two years with Paola Jara.

But nevertheless, The daughter of the bumangués artist did not please the detractors and answered them “at the height”, according to those who were in charge of defending it.

“Why don’t you ask Jessi to make a happy home like they were before?” They wrote to Luna Isabel Uribe, to which she assured: “because now I don’t have one happy home but two.”

Similarly, They asked the girl if she agreed with her father’s relationship and she responded positively, also warning that, in any case, she “is not the one to accept such decisions.”. When asked how her relationship with Paola Jara is, Luna Isabel stated that she is “beautiful”.

The reactions to these words were not long in coming, also because several Instagram pages dedicated to prying into the lives of celebrities replicated the content.

“I imagine the number of unemployed old men and women commenting on such nonsense to a girl, but she combed their hair”, “as always, Lunita responds up to par”, “I don’t understand the need to want to make such a small girl feel bad” Y “thank goodness he doesn’t let himself be afflicted by stupid jokes”; These are some of the comments left by the discussion on networks.

Although Luna Isabel wants to follow in her father’s footsteps in music and practices for that, she also revealed in her dynamic that wants to be a psychologist and he is going to study this career when he leaves school.


It is key to mention that this is not the first time in which the eldest of the Uribe Barrios brothers has become a topic of conversation due to a similar situation, because a couple of weeks ago he surprised again when he answered the question if he loved his father, he answered: “no, I adore him”.

And although this response generated quite a bit of controversy, thousands of followers of the interpreter of “Sweet Sin” recalled that his first-born has always shown the great affection he feels for him and proof of this was the surprise that, in advance, he organized for him with his brothers in the past celebration of Father’s Day.

On that occasion, he painted his father a sign that read: “I love you, dad”, in which she also drew a heart with a galaxy inside because, as she herself explained, she is a lover of all topics that have to do with space.

In addition, he gave him a box that, inside, had a sack from the ‘Tom and Jerry’ collection of reebok (although he initially mistook it for pajamas), a letter she designed herself on the occasion of Superman and another of his artistic works: the painting of an eye that, apparently, would be his father’s.

“Thank you my beautiful skinny! Love you. I have to register this”, said Jessi Uribe upon receiving these details.


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Jessi Uribe’s daughter was honest with Paola Jara and made her opinion clear about dating her father