Jessica Pereira and Santiago Matías: the presenter leaves Alofoke and explains reasons

Rumors of Jessica Pereira leaving the “Alofoke Radio Show” platform were confirmed after a video that the communicator shared on her YouTube channel, this Tuesday night.

With a duration of 25 minutes, in the audiovisual the Venezuelan presenter explained the reasons why the CEO of that medium, Santiago Matías decided to exclude her from the team.

He alleged that three years ago he entered the “Alofoke uncensored” platform, with a salary of 25 thousand pesosa figure that Pereira let it be understood that it was little for his expenses, but confident in his abilities he entered because “I wanted to belong to the platform.”

As time passed, for the dates of the pandemic, Pereira said that the idea of ​​creating the “no taboo”a segment that initially offered Santiago Matías, but according to the talent, “Alofoke rejected it”despite the fact that he expressed “all his support”.

Little by little the interviews of his program were gaining notoriety in the digital medium and according to his version of the facts “The atmosphere was already tense in the Alofoke office.”

He gave as an example three particular cases that he understands caused his departure from the facilities: the interviews with Anuel AA, Silvestre Dangond and Myke Towers.

This last case of the participation of the urban Myke Towers in his program, Jessica confessed that after that she was excluded from the WhatsApp group of the Alofoke company and added that until now Santiago She has not been contacted in any way.

“Until today I have not had a response, nor a message from him, he never called me, simply and simply he took me out of the group, when I wrote to Melvin I understand that I am thrown out and he confirmed it to me, ”said the communicator.

To end her video, Jessica expressed that she did not deserve “to be thrown out like a dog” but thanked Santiago Matías for the opportunity provided during those three years that he belonged to that digital platform.

Jessica Pereira in 2019

In 2019 the journalist Ynmaculada Cruz Hierro worked on an interview with Jessica Pereira for this newspaper, in that conversation personal and professional issues of the Venezuelan presenter were discussed, Among them, her experience when she had the change from “Vacilón” to “Alofoke Radio Show”, a transition that was not easy for her.

And it is that after being one of the first figures of the radio program “El Vacilón de la Mañana”, in the United States, with a luxury salary, apartment and luxury vehicle, his work visa was canceled for living illegally in the United States. .

At that time, Jessica explained to Listin Diario that if it weren’t for her parents and her boyfriend, she would have been left homeless.

But by the end of March 2019 he left behind a stage of his career in the United States in the program “Vacilón de la Mañana” of radio station La Mega 97.9 and began another, with equal success, in the country in “Alofoke radio show” KQ94.5. From this part of her life, the one that could be seen as a failure, the 42-year-old announcer knew how to land on her feet, dust herself off and start over as if nothing had happened, despite the fact that today does not belong to the group of Santiago Matías.

However, three years ago the communicator admitted that in the first seven months she learned more in the Alofoke offices that what I learned in the Vacilón.

“I have learned more in the seven months that I have been in Alofoke than the six years that I remained in El Vacilón. Here, although good interviews are done, the topics are pure charisma, however, Santiago deals with social issues in great depth, in a language that his public can consume and he has taught me to work in today’s new radio”, explained the communicator in the interview published in March 2019 in this newspaper.

Who is Jessica Pereira?

Jessica Pereira is Venezuelan by birth. She has been in communication for 20 years.

He has lived many difficult moments in his life. One of them was the experience of two bad aesthetic practices, for which she lost one of her breasts when the prosthesis she received acquired microbacteria and suffered an infection that had to amputate her breast, which was later implanted after two years of treatment to cure the infection.

Also, after a beach accident He suffered several injuries to his face and his beautician recommended that he fix his lips and injected him with biopolymers. This caused an awkward situation that led her back to surgery.

An uncomfortable moment that he lived was when in August 2019 intimate photos were published and shared by people, generating all kinds of comments. “Many believed that the publication of these photos was a strategy, but I am not going to do something that really hurts me. I lost my cell phone in the move and I took those photos for my boyfriend, ”he told this medium.

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Jessica Pereira and Santiago Matías: the presenter leaves Alofoke and explains reasons