Jhonier Leal and the key detail that forced him to act quickly: Mauricio Leal wanted to have a child

Everything seems to indicate that Jhonier Leal had to commit the crime in advance when he found out that Mauricio Leal wanted to be a father. Photo: Instagram'Mauricio Leal'
Everything seems to indicate that Jhonier Leal had to commit the crime in advance when he found out that Mauricio Leal wanted to be a father. Photo: Instagram ‘Mauricio Leal’

With the passing of days, more and more questions are generated regarding to the case of Mauricio Leal, who was murdered along with his mother at the hands of Jhonier Leal, his brother. One of the great unknowns left by the case is what will happen to the fortune of the renowned stylist, which is more than 5 billion pesos. as well as his material assets, among which a house and two vehicles stand out.

According to the investigations, Jhonier Leal would have made the decision to end the life of his brother and his mother to keep the fortune, iHe even forced Mauricio, the day the events occurred, to write a letter where he stated that he left everything to his brother and his nephews, something that generated suspicion among professionals at the time. Let us remember that when the news was released, it was believed that what had happened on November 21, 2021 was a suicide.

As the weeks passed, it was confirmed that it had been a homicide and the main suspect was the brother and son of the victims. On January 19, 2022, after almost two months of investigations, Jhonier Leal accepted the charges. “I have made a super important and very personal decision freely and voluntarily to accept the charges through an agreement with the Prosecutor’s Office, and I take the opportunity to make my manifestation of repentance, apologizing, first of all, to my family and my children, to the victims and to all of Colombia for the events that occurred”.

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In the documentary he made RCN news‘From Jhonier to Cain’, new details of what happened have been revealed, the relationship between the two brothers, envy, Marleny Hernández’s preference for Mauricio, the failure of Jhonier’s business, even what he told her to the prosecutor in the middle of the filing of charges: “How many followers are connected to the audience? How many are watching the audience?

A key detail was revealed in the documentary and it is that according to the versions of Shaira, one of Mauricio Leal’s closest friends, she revealed that the renowned stylist wanted to have a child and even contemplated some options. This would completely change the landscape for Jhonier, since if Mauricio Leal had had a son, he would be the only heir to the fortune.

Maíto wanted to be a father, he was looking for a friend of his, he asked him because obviously he also knew about the subject, how much it cost, what the process was like, what had to be done, anyway. I think he was very excited about this topic of being a father, he already saw it as if it was time, ”said Shaira in the documentary ‘From Jhonier to Cain’.

He added, “I think that aroused more anger in him and he said ‘it is impossible for a little boy to come and take away what I deserve’. What a person who is sick in the head, who thinks like this with so much greed, with so much ambition says ‘that I deserve’”.

Now the only two possible heirs to Mauricio Leal’s fortune are his brother Jhonnier and his half-brother Carlos Andrés García Hernández, who is currently in prison for the crime of sexual act with a minor under 14 years of age. The aunt of the Leal brothers, María Dinner Hernández, assured about the latter that, “has always been the black sheepWell, he’s always the one who’s been rude. Since he was little he was very rude to my sister, to his father, he even pulled a knife once”.

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The stylist’s inheritance could become Carlos García’s, since and according to Erika Sanguinetti, Mauricio Leal’s brother’s lawyer, “in theory Jhonier would be unworthy to have access to that succession, but to be able to declare him unworthy, he has to go to the respective jurisdiction so that a judge of the Republic declares him unworthy.”

And he added that, “It is not really that Carlos wants to keep everything, it is that the law says that he can keep everything. Because if Jhonier is legally disinherited for the cause of indignity, automatically all that inheritance would remain 100 percent of Carlos.

Another detail that was revealed is the possible participation of a third person in the crime of Mauricio Leal. Yefrin Garavito, director of the Criminal Investigation Unit, stated that “there may be a third personnot in the place of the facts but also outside the place of the facts advising what was going to be done or how to do it”


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Jhonier Leal and the key detail that forced him to act quickly: Mauricio Leal wanted to have a child