Johnny Depp will be able to access Amber Heart’s mobile and prove the falsehood of her accusations

Judicial victory for Johnny depp. The actor popularly known for the ‘Pirates of the Caribbean’ saga for years has been immersed in a legal battle with his ex-wife, Amber Heard. Now the court that is handling the case has given the green light to the interpreter of ‘The Ninth Door’ so that he can access the mobile of the also actress and can demonstrate that in some photos, in which she showed injuries allegedly made by him, they are false. Apparently they could have been edited.

These controversial images are those that were delivered in court as evidence of violence exercised against her by Johnny Depp, on 2015.. For these alleged injuries, the protagonist of ‘Eduardo Scissorhands’ began to lose film projects, being fired, for example, from the saga ‘Fantastic animals and where to find them’ where he played Gellert Grindelwald.

Lawyers act

The team of Johnny Depp’s attorneys filed a brief in which it is stated that Amber Heard used “false photographs in her statements” and further It adds that the Los Angeles police did not “find any physical injury” to the artist on the night of the alleged beating. That is why they want to inspect her mobile, to find evidence that the images where she is seen with black eyes are false.

“Heard and his friends fabricated photos that they used to obtain a temporary restraining order and a $ 7 million divorce settlement,” says the lawsuit filed by Johnny Depp. To check the veracity of the images, an editing expert will be in charge of inspecting the mobile and giving a verdict on the matter.

Of course, as far as Heard’s defense have also defended themselves against the allegations. Through the header ‘Page Six’ they have issued a statement in which they highlight that “it’s a dirty strategy (after being convicted of multiple significant acts of domestic violence against Amber Heard) by Depp’s legal team, to present false claims while avoiding defamation charges due to immunity from prosecution. “

One year later

The The court’s decision came just a year after Johnny Depp lost a defamation lawsuit against ‘The Sun’ who accused him of “beating women”. Nevertheless, an expert from the same newspaper determined, three years later, that the images that the actress had presented had been manipulated.

In addition, for Amber Heard’s lawyers, this whole situation is due to a strategy on the part of the actor: “He is trying to interpose pieces out of context and already proven as skirts to try to deceive the public, pretending that these issues have not already been fully tried in court, where he lost ”.

While the investigation, then, runs its course, the final judgment is scheduled for next 2022.

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Johnny Depp will be able to access Amber Heart’s mobile and prove the falsehood of her accusations