Johnny Depp’s security guard recounts fight with Amber Heard: “She spat on him”

The defamation trial between Johnny Depp and Amber Heard keep going.

Depp is suing Heard for $50 million by an article written for the Washington Post, in which it states that she was a victim of domestic and sexual violence in her former relationship, however, she never gives Johnny’s specific name.

However, Depp’s legal team assures that his name was implied as they had just broken up. Also, Johnny points out that actually he was the one who experienced domestic violence in their relationship, not Amber. For her part, Amber he counter-sued Johnny for double: 100 million dollars.

Security guard of Johnny Depp recounts fight with Amber Heard: “She spat on him”

During the beginning of the fourth week of the trial, the security guard Johnny DeppTravis McGivern, testified in favor of the actor and recounted another great fight between the ex-couple.

According to McGivern, Johnny called him at four in the morning to get him out of the penthouse after an argument with Amber.. Travis stepped in once the fight turned physical.

I saw Mrs Heard throw a can of Red Bull from her position, hitting Mr Depp in the back. I walked over to Mr. Depp. I didn’t want my client to get hit with anything else. I stood right next to Mr. Depp. The verbal onslaught continued, by both. Mr. Depp was giving the best he had. He was angry and agitated. Mrs. Heard knocked over something else, a purse or a bag that she had up there. I was able to push him away so she wouldn’t hit him. She spat at him. And then a lot of verbal vitriol from both of them.” revealed.

Amber Heard punched Johnny Depp in the face

When asked what kind of verbal insults Heard made, McGivern replied: “God. anything and everything”. Later, he reported what was Depp’s reaction to it.

“Mr. Depp went upstairs and rearranged his closet for her, knocked down probably all the racks of clothes and shoes. She threw at least one down the stairs. He was annoying. (…) I felt it was time to get Mr. Depp out of the situation. I got between Mrs. Heard and Mr. Depp by telling Mr. Depp that we were leaving and that it no longer depended on him. At that moment, out of the corner of my eye, I saw a fist and an arm cross my right shoulder. I heard and saw the clenched fist touch Mr. Depp on the left side of his faceTravis said, adding that the fist was Amber Heard’s.

Also, McGiven asserted that Johnny never hit Amber back.

It is expected that Amber Heard give your testimony tomorrow, May 3. The judgment will last, still, a couple more weeks.

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Johnny Depp’s security guard recounts fight with Amber Heard: “She spat on him”