Jomari Goyso brands NBL contestants as hypocrites:[Video]

Jomari Goyso brands NBL contestants as hypocrites:[Video]


Jomari Goyso brands NBL contestants as hypocrites

Host Jomari Goyso spoke with Genesis Suero and Jaky Magaña on his Podcast Sin Rodeo with Jomari GoysoThis Tuesday, January 18. Both girls participated in the last season of Nuestra Belleza Latina. Genesis, is the beautiful Dominican who became the third finalist, and Jaky was the semifinalist of the competition. Both girls revealed the secret pact they made between themselves. You can not lose this!

The NBL drama is still going on

Sin Rodeo Ep. 50 – Exclusive: The drama behind NBLTwo contestants from Nuestra Belleza Latina decided to exclusively reveal to Jomari everything that really happened on the famous reality show. They talked about a famous pact they made and denied to the current queen. Follow Sin Rodeo–completely free–on Spotify: Or on your favorite podcast app: Follow Pitaya Entertainment on…2022-01-18T06:00:13Z

the drama of Our Latin Beauty It still itches and spreads, and it is that said contestants made a pact not to speak ill of each other. It was precisely about that pact that Jomari asked Genesis. “The pact [nació] because [nosotras] We are not watching the program and the mentality of all of us was ‘what is going to happen to our lives out there? How is the viewer seeing us?’ explains Genesis, about why they decided to make a pact between them. “…from there the pact is born…from how you want to sell yourself, how you want the public to see you…For you to sell yourself in a way that does not affect you if you do not win the crown”.

But this explanation did not sit well with Jomari. “So they all chose to fake a lie,” Jomari said of the kind of pact the girls made to sell themselves to the public. “Now that they come out, reality comes out…it’s hypocritical when they say that everything was beautiful and that no one did anything wrong…if I ask you in Salt and Pepper: ‘Is everything okay?’ and you tell me ‘everything is spectacular’ that is hypocrisy”.

“We are the ones who had to be”: Fabién, Lupita, Sirey and Genesis express themselves as finalistsAfter eight galas, among one of these four young women is the next queen of Nuestra Belleza Latina, so Jomari and Lourdes wanted to know if they think that any of their eliminated companions also deserved to be a finalist. In addition, Fabién and Sirey revealed why they believe that spirits live in the Mansion. Subscribe Follow us Instagram:…2021-11-15T15:32:12Z

Jomari did not justify that act ensuring that said pact between the contestants is unfair. “When you’re on a reality show, really reality shows are made to entertain an audience, when you get to Salt and pepper and you don’t want to talk about something because you don’t feel like talking about something, that’s fine, but if you’re there it’s to talk about it.” The stylist quickly preferred to change the question so as not to follow the dispute between the contestants where he forcefully questioned them: Who is your friend? Genesis assured that she does not have friends but companions and that she is always in contact with them. “less than one that I do not speak equally and do not want to mention” Who will be that participant?

Genesis Suero is upset with a contestant. Who will it be?

There is anger!: Genesis and Yelus face each other after the latter told him “Geneso”Genesis Suero pointed out that he has always been the victim of attacks and criticism for his tone of voice and this situation has also been presented in NBL, as Yelus Ballestas told him “Geneso”. The Venezuelan did not think that the Dominican brought up that subject, since she had already apologized, and they both…2021-10-18T13:43:14Z

Genesis Serum pointed out that has always been the victim of attacks and criticism for her tone of voice and this situation has also been presented in Nuestra Belleza Latina, as Yelus Ballestas told her “Geneso”. “What’s going on here, they’re trying to kill my character.” The beautiful Dominican assured, she said that she forgave the Venezuelan, asking her publicly to apologize for that uncomfortable comment. It did not seem to Yelus that the Dominican woman brought up this subject in front of the cameras, since she had already apologized to him, and both got into an argument.

Jaky Magaña feels attacked by Sirey Morán

Jacky Magaña confessed that she has had a friendly relationship with all her companions, but with whom does she not have a good relationship? In a past Goyso Podcast interview, Moran hinted that Magaña and she are not very good friends, to which Jacky assured that in the last weeks of the competition it was very complicated for her. “I was very sensitive, many things happened and Sirey’s attitudes towards me and I was very hurt, like I felt attacked.” I assure Jaky, she also confessed that on the day of the reality show’s semifinal she felt very happy to leave the competition.

Jaky Magaña and Raishmar Carrillo talk about how they feel after being eliminated from NBLThe Mexican explained why she believes that the public did not connect with her and gave the name of who is the participant who deserves to win the title for her. For her part, the Puerto Rican highlighted what her best and worst moments were throughout eight NBL galas. Subscribe Follow us Instagram:…2021-11-15T22:37:26Z

Sirey Morán ignored by NBL colleagues

Sin Rodeo Ep. 49 – The new NBL queen dropped several bombs on JomariSirey Morán, the new queen of Nuestra Belleza Latina, let off steam with Jomari like never before. La catracha broke the curse of an entire country and gave it several exclusives. Follow Sin Rodeo–completely free–on Spotify: Or on your favorite podcast app: Follow Pitaya Entertainment on social media to …2022-01-11T07:00:16Z

In an interview with fellow stylist Jomari Goyso, the beautiful Honduran She assured that none of her companions speak to each other “That they swore that they loved each other, nobody believes that,” Goyso assured, on his program, where he told Sirey that he knew that “none of the girls” speak to him. “Who is your friend?” and it was there that the beauty queen confessed that almost all the girls on the show ignore her and have made rudeness to her. “Not all of them (are my friends). There is one who unfollowed me. There are two who never followed me. There is one who blocked me, I followed her, but this week she blocked me,” Sirey said without revealing names.

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Jomari Goyso brands NBL contestants as hypocrites:[Video]