Jomari Goyso brave confession: Vanity led him to put his life at risk and he ended up in an operating room

Jomari Goyso.

Jomari Goyso.

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In a brave, strong testimony, more sincere and critical than ever, but this time with himself, Jomari goyso He confessed that vanity led him to put his health at risk and ended up in an operating room.

After this past Saturday, the presenter of ‘Sal y Pimienta’ shared a photo ready to enter an operating room and asking for prayers for him, everyone was in alarm and with a big question, what is happening to Jomari?

This Tuesday, The fashionista chose his podcast ‘Sin Rodeo’ and his partner and friend, Lourdes Stephen to accompany him, interview him and allow him to tell about that path full of mistakes that began when one day, at school, they told him “fat“, And it started to look different from how it had done so far.

The day I turned 18 I was in an operating room undergoing liposuction, and I waited for my birthday so that my parents would not know because I had to sign the papers, “Jomari and Lourdes told him about the moment that began their crazy race to be accepted and to be within the demanding canons of supposed beauty.

Eating disorders, the touch of bulimia and the thinness that he wanted so much followed. But with it came the stage that further compromised his life, and therefore his health: wanting to be muscular.

Everyone tells you that you have to exercise and eat well, but you do it and you do not see the muscles that you see the one next to you in the gym“, He related in ‘Sin Rodeo’ his own podcast.

It was there that his Coach got him into something so common among the ‘muscle guys’, as illegal: steroids injected to inflate.

My own trainer got it for me, you pay him cash, it’s an exaggeration, you inject yourself and the muscles grow … I start doing the cycles, I grab 20 pounds of musclesI was square, and people stopped me on the street to tell me that I looked spectacular, ”he continued.

It’s very addictive … It’s illegal, so I injected them myself“, He confesses and assures that this was accompanied by pills for the heart and more than ever he asked what they were for. “That is the sadness and what makes me ashamed, that I did not ask because if I had done it when I was 17 years old, yes because I was half stupid, but at 30 I was already a kind of intelligent guy, you still do stupid things.“.

For 10 years he was doing these cycles, until the thigh where he was misinjected became infected. One of his clients, who works in a hospital, sees it strange when it comes to sitting down and with his question of what was wrong with him? It begins to be discovered because it was his possible direct path to a grave.

Vanity is going to kill us, it tells me a very sad thing about me“… He ends up in the hospital with an infection and a lump in one of his buttocks and a lump in his chest.. For over a year he decided to avoid the topic, but finally when Jomari decided to go to the doctor he heard the word that everyone is afraid of: “this could be cancer”.

Although some studies confirmed that there were no malignant cells, the recommendation was to remove them. This Saturday, 3 years after that recommendation, this Saturday he decided with great courage to travel to Colombia, and withdraw both packages.

It was precisely there that he decided to show the photo, which was taken before entering the operating room, but which he published later.

Why did you decide to tell it? He told Stephen that to raise awareness to those who, like him, fall into that madness and live on the edge of cardiac arrest or cancer.

“You cannot imagine the number of people there were in the hospital to undergo surgery, the number of rows of people there… It is a reality, I do not know if vanity or lack of sanity is going to end up killing us, but I know that we are going to something that has no way out“, He related sadly.

In full recovery, in every way, Jomari returns to share his story of falls, decisions and consequences, willing to learn, to be more real each day outside and inside, and leave him a legacy of successes and learning from mistakes to those who today are the ones he wants to give his example to: his nephews.



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Jomari Goyso brave confession: Vanity led him to put his life at risk and he ended up in an operating room