Jomari Goyso confesses the truth about why they had to operate on him: [Video]

What did they operate on Jomari Goyso?

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What did they operate on Jomari Goyso?

Last week Jomari goyso surprised all his followers, after announcing that he was hospitalized and that he was going to undergo a surgery. And although the judge of the 12th season of Nuestra Belleza Latina did not reveal the reasons that led him to go under the knife, in an honest talk with Lourdes Stephen, the Spaniard opened up about what got him to the hospital.

The Spanish revealed that his operation was to remove some masses that had formed in his body, the product of illegal procedures that were carried out on the body for 10 years to be able to have bigger pectorals and muscles, which over time was taking its toll.

I removed two lumps that I had on my body, that they had already told me. He had been in the process for almost two years, “said the fashionista. “I start to get lumps under my nipple on my pectorals and I ask: ‘it’s normal for that to get hard.’ It’s normal, that’s why you’re taking the pills to block precancer cells (the personal trainer who recommended that you take steroids told him) ”.

The Iberian confessed that he injected himself in the buttock every day, but with the passage of time he developed an infection and when he went to the doctor they warned him that they had to operate on him.

“You inject yourself and the muscles grow… and you can’t imagine. I was injecting so badly that it got infected and started to roll into a ball, and they tell me ‘this could be cancer,’ “Jomari said with great courage. “They do a biopsy, it scares me and fortunately it turns out that it is not bad, at the same time I notice the ball of the thigh of the buttock as it had not gone away.”

Jomari said that the mistake of injecting dangerous substances into his body to enlarge his muscles was driven by the insecurity of feeling that his body was not naturally beautiful enough and the fear of being fat.

Jomari could not hold back the tears when hearing the story of a participantParticipant Jessica Quintero recounted a harsh passage from her life when she was abused as a child, but don’t miss Jomari’s reaction to hearing her. Wake up America with the latest news and the best of entertainment: gossip, games, contests, helpful tips, and special guests. Presented by: Karla Martinez, Satcha Pretto, Alan Tacher, Johnny Lozada, …2015-01-26T17: 22: 57Z

“MY SURGICAL INTERVENTION” The need to be accepted is very great and unfortunately a natural body is not attractive in the society we live in, a body processed and surgically transformed is. That is why it is everyone’s dream to get it! The question that I did not ask myself that day, and should have asked myself, would be this; Is it worth losing your life because of the need to feel accepted? ”, commented the television host in a message on his Instagram where he spoke about his operation. “The reality is, the only one who needs to accept yourself is you! THANK YOU AGAIN FOR YOUR PRAYERS! In my podcast is the complete chapter! ”.

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Jomari Goyso confesses the truth about why they had to operate on him: [Video]