Jomari Goyso cries after making a painful confession about her body

Jomari Goyso crying

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Jomari Goyso crying

Jomari goyso He is considered one of the most sympathetic celebrities on television, and although the Spaniard is always smiling and making funny comments, he confessed that more than a decade ago he began to be serious self esteem issues, which led him to undergo intense steroid treatment to enlarge his muscles, which led to health problems, which ended with surgery last weekend.

After leaving the hospital, the judge of Nuestra Belleza Latina took advantage of her life story to try to send a powerful message of personal acceptance, with which she asked her followers not to make the mistake of wanting to look like others or please others, above his own happiness.

In a conversation with his friend Lourdes Stephen, the Iberian opened his heart and confessed in the midst of tears that when he was called “fat” for the first time, he began to suffer from problems of self-love, wanting to become the concept of what society He considered it beautiful, something he regrets today.

The fashionista cried inconsolably when he remembered how the hell of insecurity about his physical appearance began.

“At some point people called me ugly fat. At some point those people insulted me, so it is not so easy to forget. One in the head is clear that yes today they can see you handsome, but that if tomorrow you get a wrinkle, they will see you old, and you have to learn to make your own decisions, “said the Spaniard in the middle of tears.

With an open heart remembering the bullying he suffered about his physical appearance, he admitted that in his 30’s he did things that he should not have done, but he has already learned his lesson.

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“In the past 10 years ago I made stupid decisions to please people. But today, with 40 years, no, no. I take the things that I feel are going to make me happy, that make me strong, but I promise you that now it is not to please anyone. Now it is another story, now it is different ”, he added.

Jomari further revealed that having been called “fat” I destroy it.

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“I think my body disorder begins the day someone called me fat, and I remember perfectly the day someone called me fat. I think that is where all my eating problems begin. I have already said that there were times when I vomited for a while, I did not eat for a while, until I managed to be thin, because I did a lot of exercise and when I saw socially what everyone liked, which are muscular men, that’s where my problem began. ”Added the Nuestra Belleza Latina jury.

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Jomari Goyso cries after making a painful confession about her body