Jorge Salinas and his eldest daughter, Gabriella, star in an endearing reunion in Mexico

the relationship you have Jorge Salinas with his firstborn, Gabriellefrom 26 years old, it’s excellent; however, they have had to deal with the distance, since the young woman lives in the United States with her mother, the actress Adriana Catano, while his father resides in our country. Although they remain close through messages and video calls, after more than two years without seeing each other, finally, father and daughter met again during a surprise visit from the collaborator of HELLO! TV to Mexico City, where the first thing he did was meet her famous dad.

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Excited to be able to hug her father, the young woman shared several images of this endearing moment. The young woman limited herself to placing a heart emoji in this album of two photos that in the location space indicated Mexico City, a detail with which she revealed that it was she who traveled to our country to meet her father again. This publication caused a stir among the fans of both, even Adriana Cataño, mother of the young woman, reacted: “How happy it makes me to see them together!”, wrote the actress, a comment that her daughter responded with a heart. Although Gabriella did not want to give details of this meeting, her father revealed that it was a great surprise for him to see her.

Jorge Salinas and his eldest daughter Gabriella CatañoSEE GALLERY

In the comments, the actor thanked his firstborn for visiting him and spending Valentine’s Day with him: “Happy Valentine’s Day, beloved daughter! Thank you for such a nice surprise, I missed you so much.”Jorge wrote to his daughter Gabriella. In these images, the great resemblance that the young woman has with her famous father stands out, in addition to revealing the great relationship that exists between them because, although they do not live in the same country, the actor is always very attentive to his daughter, to sample, the affectionate congratulations he made to him last September for his 26th birthday: “Happy Birthday Daughter! May love never be lacking in your soul, may health always accompany your body and may your spirit always go towards the light. Love you”Salinas wrote to him.

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In Gabriella’s album, the background of red, pink, white and yellow balloons stands out, identical to the wall that served as the setting for the photos of Valentine that Elizabeth Álvarez shared on her Instagram account on February 14, which gives us a clue that the actor’s eldest daughter was also part of this family pose. Although, until now, Jorge has not published photos of his children together, during the young woman’s 25th birthday, Máxima and León also formed the video call with which the actor surprised Gabriella on that special date: “Special birthday facetime with my Mexican half”the birthday girl wrote at the time.

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Gabriella has revealed on several occasions that she has a great relationship with her father and his wife: “Super excited, I send many blessings to Elizabeth and my dad”, commented the young woman a few years ago when her little brothers were on their way. Last year, the young woman revealed to Primer Impacto that she is very excited that her father will deliver her to the altar, when this moment comes: “No family is perfect, each family has its problems and this topic makes me a little nervous because it is my life people, but obviously, when I get married I will want my dad to be there too. Right now, especially living through this quarantine, we have to be very aware of our relatives, at this time we have to unite and focus on the positive, “explained the actor’s eldest daughter.

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Jorge Salinas and his eldest daughter, Gabriella, star in an endearing reunion in Mexico