Joy Huerta confesses why she does not wear her wedding ring, a symbol of her love with Diana Atri

The singer-songwriter explained that his daughter asked him to take off the ring because it annoys him when they hold hands.

When I put it on my finger my daughter is bothered, since I grab her little hand and she holds me here with her thumb, the finger that I grab her bothers her here; Then she grabbed her hand and she told me, take it off, it hurts! So, I put it here so I don’t lose it, “said the interpreter to MezcalTV.

Although the ring does not appear on the ring finger of the left hand (the traditional way in which wedding rings are worn), the member of the duet Jesse & Joy devised a way to wear the special jewel. She wears it close to her heart on a necklace as if it were a pendant, that also helps you not to forget or lose it.

Joy Huerta is more than 10 years old with the mother of her two children

The singer of successful songs like ‘With whom the dog stays’, ‘Espacio sideral’ and ‘La de la mala suerte’, has been reserved with her private life, however, since announced the pregnancy through artificial insemination of her daughter Noah in 2019, she has shared a little more about her family life.

In November 2021, Joy and his wife participated in the podcast ‘Des-Learning’ in which they revealed details of their relationship. They said that in June 2021 they celebrated 10 years of being togetherwhich the singer described as: ” The best 10 years of my life“.

About the way they met, they said that it was at a meeting of friends and then Joy invited Diana to a presentation in Mexico City. At that time, they became great friends that later gave way to romance.

“He invited me to a radio festival at the Palacio de los Deportes and I was not understanding what he was thinking, then I was singing and I fell in love“, Diana Atri said. She also confessed that at that time she thought that Joy was the one to start a family: ” I think I do want her to be the mother of my children.”.

Joy and Diana are now mothers of Noah (2 years) and Nour (1 year)with whom both star in tender moments that they share through their social networks, and according to the interpreter’s statements, they will no longer have more children.

“No, the changarro is already closed here, everyone is super good, the happy girl with her little brother and the happy little brother with her little sister,” Joy said in an interview for the “Venga la alegría” program in July 2021.

She is Diana Atri, the wife of Joy Huerta

The artist confessed through Instagram that the art producer was her life partner and spoke of her feelings for her.

This woman is the owner of my sighs, the light of my eyes, my strength and my weakness, she is everything that is right with my life. Not showing my family is my way of protecting them even a little bit from this frivolous, empty world. Of people with double standards who preach and swear that the world is only black and white, whose beliefs are above those of everyone else, “she says next to the photograph in which they appear together in front of the mirror.

On her Instagram account, Atri, of whom few details are known, said that she is a reserved woman and clarified that she is not looking for fame next to the artist.

“I am a very private person and when it comes to social media I was never very active. I do not seek or want to be a public personI just find myself in a position where it is important for me to make visible the type of family I chose to have,” he said on February 25, 2020 on Instagram.


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Joy Huerta confesses why she does not wear her wedding ring, a symbol of her love with Diana Atri