Juan Manuel Bernal confessed discrimination for being “blond” and criticized him on social networks

The actor is 54 years old (Photo: Instagram/@juanmanuelbernal)
The actor is 54 years old (Photo: Instagram/@juanmanuelbernal)

John Manuel Bernal He opened up about some of the issues he faced in his early days as an actor like never before. Despite giving details about tragic episodes in his professional career and personal life, his confession about the discrimination he suffered for being a blonde-skinned person has caused ridicule and negative criticism on social networks due to how delicate he is. theme.

In an interview for the channel Youtube from Maria Patricia Castanedathe actor revealed that during one of his first projects he was singled out for his physical appearance since his skin, eyes and hair color did not allow him to obtain the characters he was auditioning for, since the social stereotypes that are held about certain professions or members of Mexican minorities were evidenced by the producers and directors who denied their intentions.

This is how the actor looked in his youth (Photo: Instagramn/@juanmanuelbernal)
This is how the actor looked in his youth (Photo: Instagramn/@juanmanuelbernal)

“[…] When Don Jorge Fonse was looking for girlthe character, Don Alfredo spoke to him about me, he said ‘there is a guy who came out in Till die what to look for’, so he sent for me, they located me and told me ‘they are looking for you for a film with Jorge Fons’. I go, he sees me and I was tanned, blond with hair up to here (points to his shoulders). He had already done with Carla Estrada Beyond the Bridge and was going to start doing Larkthen I come from the beach with a color, you have to consider, like a gringo in a tropical country, then Jorge Fons sees me and tells me ‘no man, they told me about you but you are very güerito and my movie is about dark skinned”, expressed the actor.

The journalist immediately intervened in the actor’s story to ask him if he had suffered discrimination and his answer was clear and forceful: “I was discriminated againstthey discriminated against me for being blond”. This was not the first or only occasion in which Juan Manuel Bernal appeared in such a situation since he also told about another similar episode.

The actor shared credits with Lucero in "Bonds of love" (Photo: Instagram/@juanmanuelbernal)
The actor shared credits with Lucero in “Lazos de Amor” (Photo: Instagram/@juanmanuelbernal)

“They used to say to Sariñana (Fernando) ‘how are you going to give the character of a gang boy to a güero‘ or Carla (Estrada) was told ‘ as a driver?, but if he is blond‘, as if the drivers couldn’t be blond”, confessed the actor of melodramas like I still love you, The street of the brides, Open Heart or Bonds of love beside bright Star.

As for the story with director Jorge Fons, the actor added: “They spoke very well of you, but it’s not about güeritos, if you can paint your hair and put on brown eyes, come see me. I’m going to be here all week receiving actors, when you do that come see me again’. Leaving there I went to a shopping center, I went to the dyes and I told him I need that, he presented it to me and said ‘this will be removed in 5 days, what color do you want? and I ‘well, one that covers my blond’ and he said ‘a cigar’, I won’t forget”.

The actor starred in movies like "Till die" or "Capital Letters"(Photo: Instagram/@juanmanuelbernal)
The actor starred in films like “Until Death” or “Capital Letters” (Photo: Instagram/@juanmanuelbernal)

After his confessions, the actor began to receive a wave of criticism in the comment box of the channel Youtube of the journalist, because many people assured that it is “another white person saying that they also suffer discrimination because of their skin tone.”

“White people talking about being discriminated against because of their skin color is the most cynical thing that exists”, “Blonds talking about discrimination for being blonde is really very funny”, “The funny thing about life, when someone talks about being discriminated against for being blond”, “I love this actor but those stories that he was discriminated against for being blond are somewhat controversial”, they expressed.


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Juan Manuel Bernal confessed discrimination for being “blond” and criticized him on social networks