Juan Pablo Medina is seen for the first time with a prosthesis and tells his dramatic story: “I opted to live”

On August 2, it was announced that Juan Pablo Medina was hospitalized by a “thrombosis” that had become complicated, which would have led to the amputation of his right leg. At that time there was little information about her health status, which caused a series of speculations, it was even said that his ailments were a secondary reaction caused by the covid-19 vaccine.

In an interview with GQ published on March 24, the actor born in Arlington, Virginia, told for the first time what really happened on July 15, 2021, the day he started his new life after suffering a silent heart attack.

What happened to Juan Pablo Medina?

The 44-year-old actor was in the middle of filming the series ‘Primetime’ when he began to feel sick to his stomach. The production’s medical team treated him, but later, when the discomfort intensified, he asked to be taken to the hospital where his father worked, since Don Salvador Medina is a general surgeon.

“Initially, the medical team thought it was poisoning. Three or four days passed and I hardly remember anything.” Without yet understanding the seriousness of his state of health, Juan Pablo only thought of returning to the recordings of the series, because he did not want the production to stop because of him.

After the tomography and several studies, the doctors found that he had ” clots in the intestine and legs“, which helped with the final diagnosis: he had suffered a silent heart attack “Had an clot in the heart and this one sent clots through all the arteries,” he explained to the magazine.

Complications from the heart attack and the arrival of his girlfriend

Juan Pablo had to undergo surgery on his intestines and legs, but when he woke up from anesthesia “I saw everything swollen, my hands looked like huge balls… Everything was very traumatic,” he recalled. However, there were more interventions because the procedures were not working, by then Juan Pablo had already been in the hospital for a month.

His girlfriend Paulina Davila He was a great support during the process, the Colombian actress spoke with him to explain that he had to change his attitude towards the situation, since his condition was critical.

“I was very enca… Why am I fucking with the production? I couldn’t see my hands and I didn’t want anyone to see me in those conditions. My bride He came to Mexico from Colombia, because he was filming a series there. I didn’t want him to see me in that state. That’s where my chip changed.”

Juan Pablo Medina decides to amputate his leg

The doctors modified the plan and informed the actor that they would do everything possible to keep him alive, but it was necessary. amputate his right leg.

“After surgery to remove the clots, my body began to not respond well at all. They offered to save my life, but the solution was amputation. And the more time passed, things would get more and more complicated, so the time had come to make a decision. I bet to live“That’s how he made the most important decision of his life.

“When they told me that they were going to amputate me, the first thing that came to my mind was that my life, as I led it, was over. That’s when you wonder what are you going to do and how will the change. What I wanted was simply to live and from there I began to think in a positive way.”

Two hours after accepting the amputation, Medina received a visit from a psychiatrist who helped him carry out the process, since then he has not left the therapies to help his mental health: “It is necessary to understand it and that the specialists support you. It is something very cab …, but I could count on that help. I never took therapy in my life and now I am determined not to leave it for nothing. “


The recovery of Juan Pablo Medina and his prosthesis

After the complicated process, the actor lost weight and suffered from insomnia, he had no appetite. Over time he understood that he needed to eat and sleep to achieve optimal recovery.

With the help of his girlfriend Paulina and Triana Casados ​​(who brings him his communication), the actor investigated the best options for his prosthesis. They managed to contact a person who, like him, had suffered the amputation of his leg, for which he gave them the data of the company that until now is still awaiting his rehabilitation.

“There is a person who uses a similar one and she provided us with the data of ottobock, the German company that from the first day has been present in my rehabilitation. I have the Genium X3 prosthesis, which has the best in technology, it is mechatronic . Even, I was able to go play tennis“He said with a smile to GQ, as he also became a brand ambassador.

“My rehabilitation is a process that takes time. It has been a long process, but I want to do much more and this requires time, dedication and patience. Sometimes the stump hurts, but here we go.”

Knowing a person who suffered a similar situation helped him reinforce his desire to get ahead: “This person asked me over and over again, ‘How do you want to be seen?’ The question had a very particular resonance in my brain and is something I still ponder.

The new life of Juan Pablo Medina

Little by little, Juan Pablo sees his future more clearly and resumes his activities, for which he is grateful for the signs of affection and support.

“I felt a good vibe from all over the world. They sent me videos from friends, nephews… I experienced a lot of love. That gives you a lot of strength. I saw some messages on my cell phone, the love messages They were very powerful and I felt them.”

“I don’t know if what happened to me made me a better actor. Experiences help build emotions, so probably yes, but I’m not worried about that. My work team is clear that the first step is for me to be mentally and physically healthy. I also have the illusion of being able to help others with my example, but I must be well and live this convalescence process”.

“The chip has changed me and I am lucky to be here and carry that message to others,” Juan Pablo Medina concluded in the interview.


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Juan Pablo Medina is seen for the first time with a prosthesis and tells his dramatic story: “I opted to live”