Juan Rivera affirms that Rosie has already delivered the results of the audit to his nephew Johnny López

On May 31 it transpired that Johnny López supported by his sister Chiquis, asked his aunt Rosie Rivera for a audit to Jenni Rivera Enterprises, which marked a new family conflict due to the difference of opinions. Almost five months later, Juan Rivera affirmed that the document was delivered to the lawyers of his nephews a few days ago.

“I’m not into it, I don’t know all the details, but I do know that was delivered last week […] I believe that my nephews’ lawyers are checking it and making sure that everything is fine, first God in a couple of weeks that roll is over, “he said in an interview with the program ‘First hand’.

Juan pointed out that, as far as he knows, in the result of the audit “nothing itself has come out” out of the ordinary and reiterated the confidence she has in Rosie because “I know how she has wanted to handle the finances of my sister Jenni and my nephews.”

“I don’t really care about money”: Johnny López clarified in El Gordo and La Flaca why he asked his family for the audit

In June, Johnny López shared in El Gordo y La Flaca the objective of his request for the audit: “The truth is, I don’t really care about money, I have had many difficult life lessons and I know money won’t make me happy. What I wanted to do with accounting is see the reaction, how they (their uncles) were going to behave and I was not surprised, look at the scandal that has been made“he declared.

Public apology to Rosie Rivera

Jenni Rivera’s younger brother wishes his nephews apologize to Rosie, however, he knows that this will be very difficult.

I see it very small, it takes up a lot of value, a lot of guts, it takes a lot of humility to go out, maybe they didn’t directly accuse my sister, but they did allow a circus to be made […] It was allowed reputation will be stained and that is not fair neither for her nor for anybody, “he pointed out in the Mexican show.

The Riveras will be divided on Thanksgiving Day

Thanks Giving is approaching and Juan pointed out that due to family problems, not all the brothers will meet for dinner at Dona Rosa’s house, since he believes that Gustavo, Lupillo and Jenni’s children will not attend.

“Through all the problems that the Rivera family has had, my mother has had three constants: Pedro, Rosie and Juan, the others mark her when they want. If today, unfortunately for my mother, Thanks Giving were celebrated, Rosie, Pedro were there and Juan and his children, the others would not arrive And I’m not saying it, you can see it at parties, you can see it at Christmas, “he said.

One by one, the statements of Johnny, Chiquis and the Rivera family in the lawsuit over Jenni’s inheritance

Juan said that Doña Rosa deserves to be happy with her children and that they do not frequent her is a lack of “cowardice”.

“I can have fights with my carnal Lupe, but it does not involve my mother’s feelings, she deserves to live her happy life, she sacrificed her youth, he endured humiliations from my dad, infidelities, He endured a lot of things. That we cannot give something so minimal to her as gratitude as children is a shame, It is a lack of decency, of cowardice, that my mother has to spend the posadas with the divided family, “he said.

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Juan Rivera affirms that Rosie has already delivered the results of the audit to his nephew Johnny López