Juan Rivera confesses why he has had a bad relationship with Lupillo since he was a child

Juan Rivera confesses why he has had a bad relationship with Lupillo since he was a child

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John Rivera he dedicated strong words to his brother Lupillo Rivera, affirming that he is the person who has caused the most damage in his life. The statements were made through a publication in Instagramwhere he delved into how the relationship with the famous singer has been since he was a child.

“He is my brother, the 4th of the Family. All the experiences of life are not good, it is the first thing that comes to mind. It is hard to write this, VERY HARD. There is a lot of confusion and the truth, PAIN. I have never understood why our relationship was like this, since we were children,” said Juan Rivera, who in recent months has released several messages criticizing the interpreter of “Despreciado.”

“Lupe got married at 18, I was 12, so there wasn’t much of a relationship at that stage. He had to take care of his wife, he lived apart and worked A LOT (…) When he got divorced the first time there was a funny streak, but the truth, apparently, unfortunately, they are more bad or painful. Some of the best advice on loving my wife was given to me by him. “LOVE HER, she gave you her life. Your children, siblings and family will love you for those reasons. She loves you because she wants to”. I will NEVER forget that, ”he detailed in the publication.

“I always wanted to have a relationship like that of close BROTHERS, but it was never possible. It would be our responsibilities, marriages, characters and/or differences. I don’t know, but that’s how it was. I don’t blame Lupe, I have also failed, but this is the truth of our relationship. I only know that in this life there is no person who has hurt, offended or hit me more than Lupe ”, were some of his strong statements.

“Do I hold a grudge? I don’t know, there are times when I say no and there are times when I think so. What I do know is that I am afraid to see him, I don’t know how I would react. How things change, before, without thinking, I would have given my life defending my brother, MY BLOOD. It’s ugly to know that you don’t feel that way about someone anymore. It’s ugly to think that you no longer know if there is more love or courage. Not knowing which weighs more right now hurts, ”he lamented.

Finally, Juan Rivera hinted that it is best to be distanced. “Perhaps, as they say out there, it is better to “love each other” from afar. Why? Because there is too much selfishness, pain, courage, lack of humility, forgiveness, grace, sensitivity, respect and so much more, on both sides. This is not written to offend, embarrass or hurt. It is the truth of my heart, it is what lives in my being, ”he pointed out.

During 2021 the differences between the two brothers were made public, after Lupillo Rivera defended his nephews in the middle of the controversy over the administration of Jenni Rivera’s estate by her sister Rosie. On that occasion, Juan Rivera accused Lupillo of being a bad father, to which Lupillo responded by accusing Juan Rivera of paying his lovers to perform abortions.

As revealed on this occasion by Juan Rivera, the chances of a rapprochement are practically nil.

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Juan Rivera confesses why he has had a bad relationship with Lupillo since he was a child