Juan Soler fell in love with his youth girlfriend again: this is how his new relationship began

However, to the regret of many of their fans, Juan and Maki are just friends and both have moved on to a new stage in their lives.

In the case of Juan Soler, the actor of ‘La mexicana y el güero’ is currently in a long-distance relationship with an old love of his life.

Who is Juan Soler’s new girlfriend?

Juan Soler lived a very difficult stage after his divorce with Maki. However, time and going to therapy helped heal his heart and even bet on falling in love again, as he explained in a talk with Mara Patricia Castañeda.

“I fell in love again with my first girlfriend”

Juan Soler met his new girlfriend at school

When Juan Soler was a teenager and in high school, he met María José: his first girlfriend.

From the age of 15 to 20, the actor had a courtship with her, who was crowned his only youth girlfriend.

Later, they separated and each one made his life. On the one hand, Juan moved to Mexico, consolidated his career as an actor, married Maki and had two daughters – he is also the father of Valentina, his eldest daughter –.

On the other hand, María José, originally from Tucumán, Argentina, Juan’s hometown, was married, is the mother of four children and is a lawyer, a profession that she holds in a very important position in the Argentine Judiciary.

Juan Soler was reunited with his youth girlfriend

Two years ago, Juan Soler went to a class meeting at his school and met again with María José.

At that time, María José was still married, so she and Juan only experienced the joy of reconnecting as friends.

Months after this reunion, María José sought Juan Soler for support to be able to cope with his divorce, an event that the actor had already dealt with previously.

“We started to encourage each other. To accompany us from the purity of a relationship without interest”.

Juan Soler and his girlfriend María José began their relationship in a very organic way

Little by little, their connection and bond evolved from a friendship to a courtship. Soler took her first step and asked to see her. At first, María José hesitated to do so. According to the actor, his girlfriend is very conservative.

However, in the end they decided to make their first trip together to Cafayate, a destination where they lived an incredible experience between wines and mountains and felt a deep connection, as if time had never passed between them.

“We had an amazing weekend. It was very organic… It was as if we had never parted ways because we talked about very similar things… We are exactly the same age and have very similar expectations.”

At first, Juan, 58, was not so convinced to bet again on having a romantic relationship, mainly because of the distance between the two –María José lives in Argentina, while he resides in Mexico–.

However, he realized that it was worth risking and enjoying every possible moment with María José.

“We meet again. We fell amazing. We love each other very much too. We travel and see each other…. She makes me feel good, I have a great time, I have fun, I love talking to her. And then let it last as long as it has to last”.

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Juan Soler fell in love with his youth girlfriend again: this is how his new relationship began